During a student's years in middle school, some families may consider options where their student takes courses not offered at CRMS. Typically, this is an outcome of a student seeking ways to earn credit for specific high school courses not available in grades six through eight. As a result, families typically consider correspondence courses through two commonly utilized providers: The University of Texas High School Online or Texas Tech High School Online.

When decisions are made to pursue this option, they are independent of CRMS. The family takes on the cost and logistics associated with the course and the student takes the course outside the school day. Despite the fact that these courses are taken aside from CRMS, students who choose this path are encouraged to talk to their grade level counselor. It is important to understand the high school planning implications of these decisions as well as the documentation required by our registrar to award credit.

Should a student's correspondence course have a final exam, families should plan the pace of the course and the aspect of the exam prior to enrolling. Canyon Ridge staff will proctor correspondence course exams for CRMS students during the school year (updated May 2018). In order to proctor exams, the student's grade level counselor must be notified by the parent prior to the deadline and have all materials needed to proctor the exam on or before the date of testing.

It is the responsibility of the parent to coordinate with the outside organization and the CRMS school counselor so the exam can be administered. CRMS staff will provide the testing environment requested by the outside organization.

Window One – Fall 2018:

  • Deadline to request proctoring for window one: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Testing date one: Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

Window Two – Spring 2019:

  • Deadline to request proctoring for window two: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Testing date two: Wednesday, May 28, 2019

Please work with the outside organization to ensure that testing materials arrive prior to testing date. Should testing materials not arrive in time for proctoring, CRMS will not reschedule the testing opportunity.

Students who are unable to take correspondence course exams during CRMS testing windows may take exams at an alternative testing center. Students can have tests proctored through The University of Texas Testing Center or through Austin Community College. Arrangements and fees associated with proctoring through private entities are made independent of CRMS.