Canyon Ridge Attendance Office

Attendance Clerk: Conner Carlow

Attendance Phone: 512-570-3514

Attendance Fax: 512-570-3505


Leaving early:

Procedure for Returning to School After ANY Absence:

How to report an Absence:

All notes must include the following information:

Students Full Legal Name

Student's ID# and Grade

Date(s) of Absence

Reason for Absence

Parent's Signature

Parent Phone Number

Current Date

Click here for a printable copy of the attendance note.

Late to school:

Picking your student up from the clinic:

If you take your child home from the clinic, you must sign them out in the Main Office.

If a student is going home by parent choice, please send a note to get the absence excused.  

LISD Automated Phone & E-mail System:

Attendance is taken in each class period during the day by the classroom teacher. If your student is marked absent in any class period, it will trigger the phone system to call and/or e-mail your home that evening. This serves both as a notification and as a reminder to send a note for verification.

We understand errors may occur in posting during the day, so if the system calls and you feel it has done so in error, please contact the teacher. After the teacher sends verification we will correct the error.

Pre-Arranged Absences:

A form must be obtained and turned into the Attendance Office for any pre-arranged extended absence(s) at least one week prior to the absence(s). Please see the student handbook for further clarification.

Note: A pre-arranged absence does not mean the absence will be excused.

Attendance is the key to SUCCESS!

Make each day COUNT!