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Advanced Theatre Class 2018-19

Thank you ALL for coming out and auditioning for Advanced Theatre!!

Please know that I love you all and I am so proud of all of the amazing work you have done. Please know that your auditions were scored by people other than me, and I am ALWAYS happy to give you feedback about your auditions next week because Feedback is LOVE.

And most importantly...

Please know that I think you all are fantastic, beautiful, wonderful humans, and if I could take everyone, I would.

Here (in alphabetical order) is the 2018-19 theatre class!

Alexis Adams

Andy Coleman

Ansley Edwards

Anthony Luparello

Bailee Parson

Bella Daughterty

Ben McDanald

Brady Allen

Bryelle Swift

Camden Michalek

Carlo Martinez

Cheyenne Moyer

Claire Poulter

Courtney McDanald

Daniel Parkinson

Dayanara Ortiz

Elly Hart

Emily Williston

Jack Polishook

Jackson Cox

Janah Sibai

Katelyn Orozco

Katherine Riley

Kira Griffin

Luke Swoboda

Mabrie Morales

Makayla Cox

Michael Zolidis

Nina Fournier

Noa Avigdor

Ryleigh Jordan

Sophia Farias

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