Captain Tryouts

2017-2018 Captain Tryout Information

2017 Varsity Captains/Co-Captains

Captains: Kristen Richardson & Jordan Hagemann

Co-Captains: Alena Kellerman-Pitts, Maddy Hollen, & Jordan Tillett

2017 JV Captains/Co-Captains

Captain: Brittney M.

Co-Captains: Emma V. & Lily G.

2017 Freshman Captains/Co-Captains

Captain: Alexis H.

Co-Captain: Lauren B.


CPHS Cheer Captain Tryout

1. You will be given a day where you will teach the squad a cheer that includes stunts, signs, etc.

2. Lead stretches, jumps, and tumbling drills each day

3. Create a power point answering the following questions:

Slide #1: What will be your role as a captain?

Slide #2: What are your expectations of your squad this year?

Slide #3: What characteristics do you possess that make you eligible for the captain position?

Slide #4: How will you lead by example? Provide specific examples

Slide #5: Name three rules or norms that the cheerleading squad should adhere to for practices/games and explain how you will enforce these rules.

Slide #6: How will you motivate your team when times are trying?

Slide #7: What is a new idea you would like to implement in the program and how will you do this?

Slide #8: Provide images of shirt design ideas and spirit themes for games

Additional Slides: You can add whatever else you would like

4. Interview question drawn randomly by the group

CPHS Cheer Captain Tryout.docx