What is Boost-a-Thon?

"Boost-a-Thon: La Canada's Got Talent" was a virtual fundraising event that premiered on YouTube on March 21, 2021.

The show featured LCHS students in submitted YouTube-type videos, comedy videos, jokes, stay-at-home videos, as well recorded segments of performances in music, choral, theatre, LCTV videos, cooking, Robotics, video clips of LCHS Clubs in action, and more.

How can you and your friends participate?

Please have yourself or one or more students from your group, film a video (or different videos) and submit them to Boost-a-Thon! Teachers, instructors and coaches are also being notified to submit videos from their classes.

Here are some ideas for videos to submit:

  • Musical - Singing and/or playing musical instruments (single, duet, group) - Dance (single, duet, group)

  • Stand-Up Comedy or Jokes

  • Comedy Skits, scenes or videos (anything you think is funny)

  • Film or TV Parody scenes (short)

  • YouTube type video clips of yourself, friends or family

  • Funny home videos

  • Other Talents: Magic, Ventriloquist, Juggling, etc.... anything!

  • Athletic feats, trick shots, etc...

  • LCHS sports clips

  • Pet Tricks or funny / cute pet videos

  • Animations (with sound/voices)

Or Film Yourself Answering a question...

We will be doing some edited montages of numerous students talking on subjects or showing us things from distance-learning.

Film yourself as you:

  • Show and describe your favorite spot at home to distance learn. (15-30 secs)

  • Show and describe your funniest or weirdest spot at home to distance learn. (15-30 secs)

Film yourself as you answer the following questions:

  • What are the Top 5 things about Zoom school at home that drive you crazy? - What have been your Top 5 favorite stay-at-home activities?

  • What is your favorite stay-at-home meal?

  • What meal are you tired of having during stay-at-home?

  • What’s the funniest/craziest thing that has happened during zoom lessons?

  • What are the top 5 things you miss about LCHS on campus?

  • What are the Top 5 things you can’t wait to do back on LCHS campus?

Tips on How to Video Yourself or Others:

Horizontal Camera Framing: Shoot everything you submit with your phone/camera turned horizontally (long side left to right), especially if it is of a group of people. Like a normal camera frame.

Vertical Camera Framing - Only shoot with vertical framing (long side up & down) if you are shooting a single person, if your video is meant to be combined with other student / friend’s videos of themselves... (to end up edited to look like you are all in the same place, or in a zoom meeting.) In this case vertical framing is preferred.

(If you don’t shoot it the above way, or the video was already shot, do not worry. Submit it the way you have it, or just want to shoot it. We can make any framing work.)

Shooting Tips:

  • When talking to the camera, look directly into the camera lens / phone lens.

  • Lighting: Make sure you have brighter light in front of you, rather than behind you. Or all light balanced evenly. - Avoid shadows on your face. (Be careful of wearing hats. Better to not wear hats with any brims)

  • Scenes: If videoing multiple angles to combine into one “scene”, please edit your video before submitting.

If shooting video of yourself (or others) to edit to look like you are all together (using a “split screen” technique):


  • Do NOT stand right against the wall. Stand at least a few feet or more in front of the wall to get space between you and the wall, and not cast shadows on the wall. Keep the camera steady or on tripod.

  • AUDIO QUALITY IS IMPORTANT - For good sound quality, please speak up clearly and avoid other noises in the background, such as traffic noise, air conditioning noise, washer/dryers, TV or music playing, or other people talking, pet noise, etc.