Chinese Dynasties 581-1912 C.E

The Chinese Dynasties from 581-1912 C.E was from the Sui Dynasty to the last Qing Dynasty. The Dynasties included in this time period were: Sui, Tang, The Five Dynasties period, Song, Yuan, Ming, and lastly the Qing. A Dynasty is a line of hereditary rulers of a country. In 581 C.E China was reunified in what was the Sui Dynasty. The empire was fragmented when the north was being dominated from northern countries and the south was ruled by successful Chinese rulers. During the Tang dynasty China was beginning to become cosmopolitan through trading. During the Song Dynasty there was a huge uproar in economic and social changes. The Yuan Dynasty was founded by the Mongols in there conquest for most of the world. In the Ming Dynasty the first Emperor Hongwu, wanted to have an inward looking state trying the improve the social and economical problems which happened later in the dynasty. Continued economical developments in the Qing Dynasty as the population and territorial size increased. The dynasties collapsed as there was a weak central government for the growing Chinese territory.