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I earned a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology in 2001 from St. Petersburg Regional University, Russia and completed additional coursework for my teaching license at Shenandoah and George Mason Universities in Virginia. I've taught for 17 years; this is my 16th year of teaching at Heritage HS.

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10th Grade Academic English

Instruction is aligned with the Virginia SOL. Students engage in a variety of activities designed to extend and improve their skills in writing, reading, and speaking. Students practice specific composing skills through multi-paragraph essays and technical/informational documents. The study of sentence structure, usage, spelling, and punctuation increases accuracy in speaking and writing. Students practice the research process in preparation for oral and written research products. Teachers review and practice activities to reinforce the skills tested on the Grade 11 SOL writing and reading tests.

British literature is presented through a survey of the major literary periods, genres, and authors. Connections are made to world literature. Literature study includes the application of literary terms to analyze authors’ meanings and styles. Students improve their vocabulary through the study of words encountered in readings and content presentations. Students practice oral skills through various activities, with an emphasis on group work.


  • Writing - A variety of writing activities with an emphasis on analysis and exposition; focus on developing a thesis with supporting details; employing effective introductions and conclusions; organization according to purpose and audience; use of transitional elements; review of grammar, usage, and mechanics; editing for correct mechanics and usage; critique of peer and professional writing
  • Literature - Reading in a variety of genres from British and world literature; application of literary terms; literary analysis; examination of printed consumer materials
  • Oral Language - Group presentations; small group learning activities; communication skills; critical listening
  • Research - Focus on the research process; note-taking, citing sources, and paraphrasing; use of traditional and technology-based sources; practice Internet safety; creation of a variety of individual, oral, and written research products, including a research paper
  • Vocabulary - Development of college-preparatory vocabulary through reading, writing, and speaking; practice in SAT-type questions

This course provides one of the credits required for the Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.


Please check your Google Classroom for assignments and due dates.


A1 Planning

A2 English 10 with Mr. Schiffer

A3 English 10 with Mr. Schiffer

A4 Study Hall

B5 English 10

B6 English 10 with Mr. Schiffer

B7 English 10 with Mr. Schiffer

B8 Planning


  • If am absent how do I know what I missed? ANSWER: Check the Google Classroom
  • If I am absent will I still have to take a test if one is given on the day I return? ANSWER: Yes, because any information you need to study will be posted in our Google Classroom. If you have any questions about the material, do not hesitate to contact me or see me during my planning or study hall blocks.
  • Will I need my phone in class! ANSWER: You will NOT need a cell phone at anytime during class. In fact, you will be asked to store your phone during the block. If there is an emergency, students can be reached anytime by calling the front office (571-252-2800). They will call directly to the classroom.
  • What technology do I need to bring to class? ANSWER: You will need your Chromebook and headphones that work with your Chromebook for online reading materials, games, vocabulary exercises, and assessments.
  • Where can I go if I need help in this class? ANSWER: Please see me during my planning or study hall blocks, or use our Reading and Writing Center.
  • Can parents join the Google Classroom? ANSWER: Yes, parents are welcome to join our Google classroom, either by requesting an invitation from their student