Mr. potts

Intro to AP World History / World History 1

About Me

I am entering my 5th year as a high school teacher, all of which have been at Heritage High School. I earned my B.A. in History and Secondary Education from Shenandoah University in 2015, as well as a minor in Coaching. I am currently working on a Master's degree in Sport Coaching from West Virginia University. I played baseball for four years during my time at Shenandoah and played baseball and basketball at John Handley High School. I coached baseball at Heritage for 4 years (JV Assistant Coach for one year and Head JV Coach for three years), and am now entering my first year as a Varsity Assistant Coach at John Champe High School. I am also entering my third year as the Head JV Boys Basketball Coach at Loudoun County High School.

Contact Info


Phone: 571-252-2800

2019-2020 Class Schedule:

  • A1: Intro to AP WH (L409)

  • A2: Testing Center (601)

  • A3: WH1 w/ Mr. Hastings (L409)

  • A4: Planning (L410)

  • B5: Planning (L410)

  • B6: Intro to AP WH (L506)

  • B7: WH1 w/ Mr. Hastings (L407)

  • B8: Intro to AP WH (L407)

Course Expectations

It is expected that students will come to class prepared. This includes bringing something to write with, paper, as well as any other materials that may be needed for class that day. It is expected that students will be respectful at all times. This includes not talking while the teacher (or another classmate) is talking, raising their hands when they have a question (not blurting out). It is also expected that students come ready to work hard and learn about the interesting material that we cover in this class!


Students are expected to complete the homework they are assigned on a nightly basis. Some nights the homework will come with questions to complete; other nights there could be a reading to complete. The material in the readings could be discussed in class the next time we meet (or there could be a pop quiz), so it is expected that you complete the readings even if they do not come with questions.


  • If you're absent, you should check Google Classroom. What we did in class that day, as well as any homework or upcoming assignments, tests, or quizzes, will be posted on our Google Classroom page.

Class Codes to join Google Classroom (USE YOUR LCPS GOOGLE ACCOUNT):

  • Student ID Number

      • A1 Class (Intro to AP World History): m55pt

      • A3 Class (World History 1 w/ Mr. Hastings): 316ngk2

      • B6 Class (Intro to AP World History): b4m9sp

      • B7 Class (World History 1 w/ Mr. Hastings): 3jcyb

      • B8 Class (Intro to AP World History): hf23f6

How to update Student Login Password

LCPS has reset all student passwords!

  1. Login to LCPSGO ( with default password

Use LCPS-MMDDYY (where the last six-digits are your birthday with the first two digits representing the month, the next two digits representing the day, and the last two digits representing the year).

2. Repeat LCPS-MMDDYY as the "Old Password"

3. Then, create a strong password which:

1-contains both upper and lower case letters

2-have numbers, punctuation or special characters (2&%3)

3-is at least 8 characters long

Code to use Remind (can be done in Remind app OR by texting the code to 81010 OR 540-579-7741):

          • Intro to AP World History code: @PottsPreAP

              • A1, B6, and B8 classes

          • World History 1 w/ Mr. Hastings code: @MrPottsWH1

              • A3 and B7 classes

  • Where can I go if I need help in this class?

  • Technology Used in the class:

    • We will utilize technology in the classroom by using the Chromebooks that each student was issued at the beginning of the school year.

  • Students will not need their cell phones for any reason in class unless instructed. When we utilize technology in the classroom, most frequently it will be done with the Chromebooks.