Mrs. debutts

CTE Department Chair / FACS Teacher

About Me

Mrs. deButts has been teaching at Heritage since 2011. She has her undergraduate degree from James Madison University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Education, Teaching & Learning. A certified Music, Health & PE, and FACS teacher, she has been teaching FACS exclusively for several years. Mrs. deButts co-sponsors the Heritage SCA with Mrs. Dobbs. Additionally she is the chapter adviser for both FCCLA & Educators Rising here at Heritage. When not at Heritage she enjoys spending time with her husband, two young sons, and two puppies in Leesburg.

Contact Info

Course Schedule

A1: Intro to Early Childhood Ed. (L211)

A2: Planning (L507)

A3: SCA (602)

A4: CTE Testing Coordination (L505/L507)

B5: Teachers for Tomorrow I DE (L211)

B6: Personal Finance / Economics (L211)

B7: Personal Finance / Economics (L211)

B8: Department Chair Meetings (L507/609)


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Intro to Early Childhood Education

Teacher Cadet I DE

B6 Personal Finance

B7 Personal Finance


  • What do I do when I'm absent?
    • Check google classroom to see what you might have missed. If you need clarification or you missed notes/materials/handouts please email Mrs. deButts and/or Ms. Hale (econ/pf). OR you may submit an “I was absent request” at the beginning of class.

  • Where can I go if I need help in this class?
    • Start by accessing resources on Google Classroom in case you can help yourself!
    • Set up an appointment with Mrs. deButts, via email or fill out and turn in an "I need help" form during class.

  • What technology do I need for this class?
    • You need your Chromebook fully charged and ready to use every day.
    • You need headphones that are compatible with your Chromebook! Additionally we use Google Classroom, Google Sites, EverFi and MORE!
    • You will NOT need your cell phone! Cell phones are stored in the phone holder on a door in the classroom.

  • How do my parents access the Google Classroom?