Ms. Juzbasich

About Me

This is my 6th year teaching at Heritage High School. I'm looking forward to working with students in the Environmental Explorations and Chemistry classrooms.

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Course Expectations

Students are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing for the class. Environmental Science students will go outside to explore the school area. Chemistry requirements are specific for safety requirements and are listed in the class syllabus.


Students follow the directions of the assignment for work completion.

Environmental Science



  • If I’m absent check the Google Classroom for assignments.

  • Resources for the class…check the Google Classroom

  • Where can I go if I need help in this class? Ask Ms. J for help. My schedule is posted in the classroom and on the syllabus. Make an appointment to see me during my planning block either A2 or B6. I can also be reached in my study hall B5 in room 502.

  • Technology Used in the class are Chromebooks distributed by LCPS.

  • Students will follow classroom rules for cellphone use in the classroom listed in the course syllabus.