Inclusive Design

Accessibility and Usability Strategies for Using Technology To Design Educational Experiences For Everyone

What is Inclusive Design?

Educators create experiences to support learners as they work to acquire and enhance new skills and abilities. Technology can be used to design the experiences for any learner.

Flexibility Is Key

Educators provide options understanding that learner preferences are paramount. Not every learner needs to do the same thing the same way at the same time. 

Why does Inclusive Design matter in education?


Learners are empowered by different things. Invite and entice learners to solve authentic problems and engage in authentic experiences which are important and meaningful to them.

Learners have different preferences for how they experience content. Content provided in multiple ways invites and entices learners to experience the content in a way they deem least restrictive.

Learners have different preferences for how they like to share what they know. Provide options to learners to share content in a way that works for them. 

Provide Options By Asking Some Of These Design Questions

How Do I USe Technology To Design Inclusively?

Technology Can Be Used to Provide Options To Support...