Brenda Vrable

Chemistry and Earth Science Teacher

About Me

This year I will be teaching Chemistry and Earth Science at Heritage and Earth Science, Astronomy and Oceanography for Virtual Loudoun. I am only at Heritage on A days.

Contact Info

Course Expectations

  • Arrive to class ready to learn with your device fully charged.
  • Be respectful to others who are ready to learn.


  • If I’m absent... I should go to VISION to find out what we did in class. Also, when you return to class check your class folder on the bulletin board for any missing papers.

  • This teacher uses: VISION

  • Where can I go if I need help in this class?

ASK!!! There is always time during class to get help.

Students can also go to the science center. Ask for a pass from me so that you can go during your study hall :)

  • Technology Used in the

  • Students will not need their cell phones.