Michael Conway

HHS Math Teacher

About Me

Mr. Conway teaches Precalculus, Math Analysis and Calculus at Heritage High School.

Contact Info

Email: Michael.Conway@lcps.org

All homework and other class information can be found here:


Math Analysis



All classes in room 212 unless otherwise noted

A1 - Planning

A2 - Calculus

A3 - Math Analysis

A4 - Precalculus

B5 - Math Lab (rm 211)

B6 - Precalculus

B7 - Calculus

B8 - Math Analysis


  • This teacher uses: Google Sites , they are listed above. They are your one stop shopping for all things.
  • If I’m absent I should check ... the google site
  • Resources for the class? check the google site
  • Lost your notes? go on the google site
  • etc... You get the idea.