Elizabeth Hale

Personal Finance/Economics Resource Teacher

About me

Originally from San Diego, California, I enjoyed a successful first career traveling the world as a product manager for a high-tech firmware company. I fully appreciate the need for our students to be both personally and economically literate when they enter the workplace in a few short years. My background also fostered a interest in supporting students who learn differently.

In addition to teaching courses in personal finance and economics, I also serve as case manager for students with learning differences. In this role, I work with students and their families to understand their academic and life goals to create an Individual Educational Plan to achieve those goals. To aid in this process, I encourage students and parents to visit the resource tabs on this web page to find links for some of the tools we will use to plan for the annual IEP meeting.

My educational background includes a Masters degree in Special Education from Shenandoah University, a Bachelors in International Business from San Diego State University, and French fluency certifications from Université d'Aix-Marseilles and the French Chamber of Commerce.

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Distance Learning

For the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, we will be using the Edmentum online learning tool. Each week, I will post supplemental materials to the Edmentum module for the week to our Google Classrooms.

A1 Google Classroom: Click here

B8 Google Classroom: Click here

Google Classroom

Personal Finance & Econ Classes are managed with Google Classroom. Click on your class above and it will take you to your Google Classroom. All assignments will be posted in the Google Classroom. Students are responsible for checking the Google Classroom for upcoming test/quiz dates. If you are absent, you will be expected to complete assignments. I encourage students to contact me directly with any questions, or if you believe may be absent for more than a day or two.

I've created a Study Hall Google Classroom too where students can share study tools and resources to support one another.

Economics Syllabus

Economics Syllabus 2020

Class Procedures

Hale Classroom Procedures

Retake Instructions

Retake Instructions

Personal Finance/Econ FAQs

  • If am absent how do I know what I missed? ANSWER: Check the Google Classroom, if you still have questions, you may email me (elizabeth.hale@lcps.org).
  • If I am absent will I still have to take a test if one is given on the day I return? ANSWER: Yes, because any information you need to study will be posted in our Google Classroom. If you have any questions about the material, do not hesitate to contact me or see me during my planning or study hall blocks.
  • How can I find additional resources for the class? ANSWER: Check the Google Classroom, if you still have questions, please email me (elizabeth.hale@lcps.org) or come find me during my planning or study hall blocks.
  • I need my phone in class! ANSWER: You will NOT need a cell phone at anytime during class. In fact, you will be asked to store your phone during the block. If there is an emergency, students can be reached anytime by calling the front office (571-252-2800). They will call directly to the classroom.
  • What technology do I need to bring to class? ANSWER: You will need your Chromebook and headphones that work with your Chromebook for online finance and economy modules, games, vocabulary exercises, and assessments.
  • Can parents join the Google Classroom? ANSWER: Yes, parents are welcome to join our Google classroom, you can use the code above to join.
  • Any other questions... email me at elizabeth.hale@lcps.org.