MR. Belioume

World Language Teacher

Bienvenue dans la classe de Français !

Welcome to French class!

Lahcen Belioume

Is a French and Spanish teacher at Heritage High School received his Bachelor's Degree in History and Geography from the Ibno Zohr University, Agadir Morocco, and a Master's Degree in French at Mississippi State University. Mr. Belioume has 17 years of experience teaching foreign language (Spanish, French, Arabic), and Social Science.

Contact Info

Email Me

By phone: 571 252 2800

A Day Classes

Block 1 - Planning L204 –

Block 2 - L204 – French 4H

Block 3 -L204 French 3

Block 4 - L204 -French 3

B Day Classes

Block 5 – L204 French 1&2

Block 6 - L204 French 5H AP

Block 7 – French 4H

Block 8 - Duty

*Advisory Block in L204

The Expectations

The expectations of my classroom are intended to keep the classroom environment safe, orderly, and productive. Please respect the rules so that we can maximize learning time together.

· Respect yourself, the teacher & others.

· Put forth your best effort at all times.

· Be prepared for class each day.

· Follow directions when given.

· Pay attention, participate and ask questions.

· Preserve a positive learning environment.

· Take responsibility for your actions.


See your Google Classroom


  • If I’m absent I should Check "Absent Work Pick Up Bin " in your class the next day and your google classroom. You will be responsible for getting the assignment, making up any work, and scheduling any quiz or test that was missed. We can coordinate a time and place, preferably during your study hall or before or after school. If you are absent before a previously announced test, essay, quiz, or project, you are expected to complete it when due. All make-up work needs to be completed within three weeks of your absence and within a marking period.
  • Resources for the class available in your google classroom/ Vision.
  • This teacher uses: Google Classroom /Vision
  • Where can I go if I need help in this class: First check your notes in google classroom/ Vision, or contact your teacher/ during your study hall/before or after school.
  • Technology Used in the class Chromebooks, cellphones with teacher permission.
  • Students will need their cell phones to use in this class with teacher approval.
  • Parents can join classes by going google classroom/ Vision.