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Complete Leaving Cert Geography Geographical Investigation (Field Study) 2023 Guides

Fluvial/River Field Study (2023) Free View Sample Answer - Click here

Coastal Field Study (2023) Free View Sample Answer - Click here

Listen to our Field Study Podcast - Click here

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Leaving Cert Geography

"All I can say is Wow! The predictions that the team at Precision Revision gave for the 2022 LC exam were spot on. It saved me so much work." Declan (LC Student 2022)

"I was so stressed by the Geography project. The Precision Revision Guide and the email support that they provided cleared up all my confusion. It was such a relief." Wendy (LC Student 2022)

"I got a H2 in the exam. My teacher gave me a H5 accredited grade. The reason for the difference? Precision Revision's exam strategy, sample answers, notes and Geographical Investigation Guide." Chloe (LC Student 2021)

"I have gone to several grinds school courses over the past two years (I’m a repeat student) and they were a total waste of money compared to the absolute steal that Precision Revision offers. Sample answers were amazing. Great site for all Leaving Cert geography students." Ivor (LC Student 2021)

"Your advice on the Leaving Cert geography field study work was fantastic. Our teacher did not really seem to know what to do. It was such a relief to know that I had correctly completed the field study booklet. Thanks." Siobhán (LC Student 2019)

"Wow! Your approach to preparing for the Leaving Cert Geography exam saved me sooo much work. Wonderful site." Diana (LC Student 2018)

"With Precision Revision's notes, sample answers and predictions I not only got the H1 in the Leaving Cert Geography exam that I was looking for but I was able to spend the time I saved using your approach on other subjects, especially higher maths." Andrew (LC Student 2017)

"This is a great resource for students looking for an alternative and exam focused approach to the Leaving Certificate Geography exam. They have a comprehensive field study guide, sample answers for past paper questions and guides on exam technique. They also have freely available podcasts which can be found on popular podcast apps." Adam Kelly - Resources for Leaving Certificate Students.

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Below are a selection of the email queries we answered for students.

"Should I learn about one Mass Movement in detail and forget about fluvial and glacial?" (Jane)

"I want to ensure that for the Elective 4 (Economic) section I have one 30 marker guaranteed to know off by heart and I am hoping for colonisation, globalisation or CAP/CFP. Is this too risky to narrow down for the final couple of days?" (Kate)

"My teacher tells us not to use StudyClix. What do you think?" (Jacinta)

"Love the site and think it is a great and efficient way of learning for Leaving Cert Geography. Just curious would you say secondary economic activities and tertiary economic activities in India are due up?" (Ben)

"Can you tell me can we use tippex in the Leaving Cert Geography Field Study report? And does the word count really matter?" (Dylan's mam!)

"Could you explain in a little more detail the risks/benefits of not studying peripheral regions for the European and Ireland regional questions?" (Rachel)

"For 30 mark answers are you allowed to use bullet points?" (David)

"In the Leaving Cert Geography exam what exactly is an SRP?" (Olivia)

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