Frequently Asked Questions

Google Classroom

  1. How can I log in? I've never done this before!

    • It's very straightforward! We've made a video to walk you through it, but the basics are: your username is [your student number] Your teacher should have a temporary password, or watch the video if you don't mind getting spoiled.

  2. How do I turn in my assignments?


Getting Started: Just picked up a Chromebook and need help getting logged in? Check out this guide for help.

Using your Chromebook and Shortcuts: Need some pointers on how to use your Chromebook and useful keyboard shortcuts? Check out this interactive guide.

Connecting your home printer: Want to print from your Chromebook at home? Check out this interactive guide.

Chromebook Shortcuts: Need to take a screenshot or other keyboard shortcuts? Check out this guide

Security Questions

  1. My email says my private information will be released if I don't pay someone BitCoin! What do I do?

    • While extortion rackets aren't always bogus, a good rule of thumb is to never trust anything you receive by email. Ransomware is a real threat, but outside of Black Mirror episodes there isn't much precedent for "evil hackers" extorting bitcoin over alleged webcam footage. If you get an email like that, at work, school, or home, junk it! If you feel threatened by it despite it not really applying to you, change your passwords.

  2. Should I open this attachment or click this link from this person I've never met before?

    • No! Even be skeptical of links or attachments sent by people you do know! Always double-check where a link is taking you, and don't open an attachment unless you've spoken with the person who sent it.

General Troubleshooting

Experiencing trouble with your device? Power it off and turn it back on. It sounds cliche, too easy to be true, and is often referenced as a funny joke, but restarting a device is a time-tested technique to fix many issues. Before diving into troubleshooting, try restarting you device. You might be surprised how effective it is!

Student Logins

  • IXL - Student can log in to IXL here:

    • Their usernames are student ID (example: 12345) and the password is the student's six-digit birthday (example: January 20, 2013 = 012013)

    • For more information or iPad setup, click here.

Benchmark Assessments

  1. It won't load my test on my iPad! How can I take my test and prove my mastery of the material?

Infinite Campus


  • To create your account, you will need to click on the unique activation URL sent to your email address. If you did not receive an email, please send in a Help Desk ticket at and we will send you an activation code.

  • For help viewing and updating your child's demographic information and emergency contacts in Parent Portal, click here.


Infinite Campus Guide

  • To access our Infinite Campus training with all of the information you should need to get started with Infinite Campus, click here.

  • To download the Parent & Student Portal apps for your phone or tablet, click on the links below:

Apple Devices

Android Devices