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2023 Annual Report to the Community

It Takes A Village

...it takes you, the people of our community, to build the foundation for a successful child. Laguna Beach Unified School District students prosper when everyone works together. Your collective effort has helped our students grow into responsible and respected citizens who have felt the pride of what it means to pay it forward. The stewardship of being a good neighbor directly impacts students in positive ways allowing them to go out into the world and make a difference. We thank you for your continued support. This is our village. 


Our Vision

We take ownership of each child's learning in our schools, accepting no limits on potential.

Our Mission

Each student gains the knowledge, experience, world perspectives, and skills needed to become a lifelong learner and producer in a competitive and interconnected world.

Our Laguna Beach Neighbors

2023 POPULATION: 22,326


Average Age: 51.8 Years


Average Age: 53.1 Years


Average Household Size: 2.19

Households with School-Aged Children (2018)

Average Family Size: 2.72

Average Household Income: $233,062


Home Owners



Meet Our Superintendent


Another year has flown by leaving us to look back on our successes as well as look ahead to what we can still achieve. This annual report provides insightful information about the progress of our school district this past year. Whether you have school-aged children or not, as part of the community, you are a vital contributor to our success, both in supporting our schools and nurturing each student. I encourage you to review this report and feel a sense of pride for all our accomplishments because, as the saying goes, it takes a village, and you, our neighbor, are an invaluable part of what made this past year remarkable. 

In our schools, we have witnessed the positive impact that relationships with caring adults have on a child’s learning and well-being. This impact is reflected in a growing sense of academic motivation, with student-reported caring relationships rising from 38% to 71%.  

Going beyond the classroom to increase student engagement is a key component of a well-rounded education. LBUSD offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, project-based learning across all grade levels, internships, community service, dual enrollment, and Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways. These opportunities increase relevancy for students and foster the development of the whole child through which they explore their passions, gain practical experience, and build crucial life skills.

As a school leader, parent, and neighbor, I understand how important it is to provide children with the knowledge, resources, and relationships they need outside of the classroom to carry them into the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this report and taking the initiative to extend a neighborly hand to our students and our schools. 


Dr. Jason Viloria


Meet Our School Principals

Jason Allemann, Ed.D.

Laguna Beach High School

Joe Vidal

Thurston Middle School

Julie Hatchel, Ed.D.

El Morro Elementary

Meghan Schooler

Top of the World Elementary

Our Schools Are Funded By Our Neighbors

LBUSD is a community-funded school district meaning that we receive the majority of our funding from local property tax dollars, with some minimal state funding to support students with high needs (those learning English, socioeconomically disadvantaged, or in foster care).

Most other school districts in California rely primarily on allocations from state funding to supplement local property tax dollars. The amount these districts receive is contingent upon how many students attend their schools.

In LBUSD, our financial stability is primarily derived from local property taxes, rather than per-student state funding.

We receive approximately $.25 of every property tax dollar collected in Laguna Beach.

  This gives us an annual school budget of $83M which equates to approximately $33,700 per student.

How LBUSD Funds Are Distributed

From this budget, the funding per child is distributed as follows:


Staffing, Teacher Support Staff, and Benefits


Operational Costs


Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)


We Have: 

"Laguna Beach Unified School District earned a spot among the state's top 25 districts with an A+ grade." - 


Strong financial management and fiscal prudence have and will remain a top priority for our district. LBUSD has earned a perfect AAA rating from S&P.

How LBUSD Educates

LBUSD goes beyond the books. Our students are taught how to thrive. We ensure that every student masters the skills needed for success. They learn how to tackle challenges, the importance of teamwork, empathy, creativity, problem-solving, and more. These are the guiding principles that prepare our students to take on the world. 

This is our Framework for the Future.

The outer circle represents the four key learning experiences we use to educate our students. 

Personalized - 

All learning is tailored to a student's needs and interests. 

Authentic - 

We connect learning to the real world. 

Competency-Based - 

Students develop a mastery of skills and knowledge. 

Equitable and Inclusive - 

All students have equal access to high-quality learning opportunities.

The inner wave represents the values and capabilities students develop based on the four key learning experiences

Constructive Collaborator

Students learn to work effectively with others to achieve common goals.

Empowered Learner

Students are self-directed and take ownership of their learning. 

Creative Problem Solver

Students learn to think critically and creatively to solve problems.

Empathetic Citizen

Students are caring and engaged in the community with compassion. 

Effective Communicator

Students learn to communicate clearly and persuasively

LBUSD Highlights


Total TK-12 Enrollment: 2,363 Students

2.1% English Learners

18.8% Economically Disadvantaged

11% Receive Special Education Services


Elementary School (K-3) | 18 Students

Elementary School (4-5) | 26 Students

Middle School | 18 Students

High School (Core Classes) | 22 Students



Our Village is Global


United States of America United Arab Emirates Australia Bulgaria Bermuda Brazil Belize Canada Switzerland Chile China Costa Rica Germany Denmark Ecuador Egypt Ethiopia France United Kingdom (Great Britain) Guatemala Hong Kong Indonesia Israel Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iceland Italy Japan Korea, South (Republic of) Kazakhstan Lithuania Monaco Mexico • Malaysia Netherlands (Holland) Nepal Panama Philippines Romania Russia (Russian Federation) Singapore Suriname Thailand Taiwan Ukraine Venezuela Vietnam South Africa


English • Spanish Vietnamese Chinese - Cantonese Korean Filipino (Tagalog) Portuguese Chinese - Mandarin (Putonghua) Japanese Arabic Armenian Dutch Flemish Farsi (Persian) French German Hebrew Hungarian Italian Russian Thai Ukrainian Rumanian Chinese - Taiwanese Nepali Danish Finnish Icelandic

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

Laguna Beach High School

Grades 9-12

Total Enrollment 877


Advanced Placement Performance

60% Took an AP® exam.

52% Scored 3+ on an AP® exam. 

87% Exam pass rate.


94% Of students continued their education.

66% Attended four-year colleges and universities.

26% Attended two-year colleges.

4% Took a gap year.

2% Attended trade school, adult transition programs, and military academies.


Percentile rank based on grade 11 CAASPP scores.


50% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 92nd percentile of school districts in California.

ELA (English Language Arts)

84% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 99th percentile of school districts in California.


62% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 96th percentile of school districts in California.

Thurston Middle School

Grades 6-8

Total Enrollment 512





Percentile rank based on grades 6-8 CAASPP scores.


70% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 95th percentile of school districts in California.

ELA (English Language Arts)

75% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 93rd percentile of school districts in California.


70% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 97th percentile of school districts in California.

TK - Grade 5

El Morro Elementary School

Grades TK-5

Total Enrollment 420

Top of the World Elementary School

Grades TK-5

Total Enrollment 554


Percentile rank based on grades 3-5 CAASPP scores.


78% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 95th percentile of school districts in California.

ELA (English Language Arts)

81% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 98th percentile of school districts in California.


70% of students met or exceeded the standard. This ranks in the 96th percentile of school districts in California.

New Spaces for Students and the Community

New HS Campus Well Space

This past September, Laguna Beach High School opened a Campus Well Space.

A safe space to give students a chance to step away from the classroom and take time for themselves. Students have ready access to a school-based mental health provider who can support them in utilizing healthy coping strategies.

Opening 2024: Laguna Beach Preschool

LBUSD Families will now have an affordable full-day Preschool with a highly qualified staff on the El Morro Elementary campus. We have created a program that educates the whole child through pre-academics, developmental, and social/emotional learning-to-learn skills. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition to elementary education and set a foundation for future success. For questions or inquiries, contact Director of Early Learning Kimberly Johnson at kjohnson@lbusd.org.

Empowering LBUSD Families to Thrive!

In October, we cut the ribbon and introduced the Family Resource Center, a safe and welcoming space for LBUSD families to share their needs and get the help they need. Visit the website and attend an upcoming parenting workshop!

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