Elements: Website & Email


In addition to the mobile app, employees can sign up and access Lab news via the Elements website:

• visit the Elements website and sign in with your Berkeley Lab SSO credentials (LDAP + Google Authenticator Code)

• create your account

• connect your social media accounts (optional)

• subscribe to news categories

The Elements website features news you have subscribed to, as well as "must-read" news that all employees receive. You can also message fellow employees and view notifications.

It also include links (upper left corner) to frequently used Lab resources, such as the homepage, A-Z index, calendar, and phone directory.


These are the kinds of emails you may receive:

• All employees will receive a daily newsletter with the latest updates. Recipients can unsubscribe to this daily newsletter if desired by clicking link at bottom right of the newsletter.

• Employees that belong to certain groups — such as scientists, managers, or postdocs, or staff who work in a specific division or building — may also receive periodic emails with news customized for these audiences. For example, scientists may receive an email about a new funding opportunity, or occupants of a specific building may get updates on a power outage.