Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Networks (abbr: DAPHNE lab)

Mission: Building and Deploying Self-Driving Networks for Science

The AI@ESnet team comprises of researchers from Scientific Networking (ESnet) and Computational Research Divisions of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop innovative solutions involving AI and deep learning for practical computer networking problems. The group is led and maintained by Dr. Mariam Kiran.

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The network spans from Europe to East and West coast labs and data centers.

Networks are the essential bloodline to science collaborations across the globe such as in high-energy physics, earth sciences, and genomics. Our mission is to explore machine learning, deep learning, and AI techniques for operational networking and distributed computing problems is efforts to save millions of dollars in continual network upgrades.

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Latest Group News

Latest Publications

  • INDIS SC22 announced.

  • The AI@ESnet team has been funded for 5G Research. Thanks to DOE's ASCR program.

  • We will be collaborating with Quantum Networking projects and bringing AI solutions to this exciting new space.

Other Happenings

  • June 2021: Website updated.

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A Big Thankyou to our Sponsors that consist of DOE, DARPA, DOD, LBNL (LDRD program), ESnet and Industry collaborations.

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