Angle Resolved Photoemission at the Advanced Light Source:


Beamline is a home of highly productive general-purpose photoemission experiment which is well-liked by the wide community of scientists. Its ARPES instrument has been set up for efficient studies of the electronic structure of almost any solid sample. Since its commissioning in 2003 experiments conducted at the beamline yielded many interesting papers including 29 Phys. Rev Lett., 20 articles in Nature journals, 5 reports in Science , 3 papers in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 16 PhD theses.

Contact: Alexei Fedorov Google Scholar

The experiment was in service for 15 years; In July 2016 it was closed to the outside users; Regular and spin-resolved ARPES are now part of beamline 10.0.1