SLAM Finalists

1st Place

Lydia Rachbauer


"From Waste To Wanted - The Seaweed Story"

2nd Place & People's Choice

Ryan Kingsbury

Energy Technologies

"If The Shoe Fits"

3rd Place

Rajiv Ramanujam Prabhakar

Energy Sciences

"CO2: What Is It Good For ?"

1st Place

Becca Walton

Materials Engineering & Manufacturing

"From Blowpipes to Printing Nozzles: Our Continuing Glass Mission​"

2nd Place

Sarah Sandholtz

Biosciences & Biotechnology

"A Shot in the Dark or a Surefire Hit?: Identifying Drug Targets for COVID-19"

3rd Place

Brandon Foley

Materials Sciences

"Urgent Problems Need Fast Solutions: How Better Math can Slow Global Warming​​"

1st Place

Josh Rackers

Computational Multiscale

"Uncharted Territory: Mapping the Quantum World with Machine Learning"

2nd Place Tie

Nicole Jackson

Energy Water Systems Integration

"Estimating Weather Impacts On Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Plant Performance"

2nd Place Tie

Jennifer Loe

Scalable Algorithms

"Using Multiple Precisions in the GMRES Linear Solver"

1st Place

Hannah Herde

Fundamental Physics Directorate

"Who's that Particle? Filling the Pokédex of Nature's Building Blocks With the ATLAS Experiment"

2nd Place & SLAC’s Choice Winner

Ben Ofori-Okai

Fundamental Physics Directorate

“Under Pressure: Shining Light to get to the Center of the Earth”

Runner Up

Sander Breur

Fundamental Physics Directorate

"Building ventilators and stepping out of our comfort zone"