7th grade History and Current Events

Welcome to Mr. Dreesen's web page. I teach 7th grade history and current events. Check in often to see if there are changes to the web page or updates. There will be information on here that may help students in class.

Contact Information

Middle School phone number 816-580-7279

Email: dreesend@lawsoncardinals.org

Student Supplies

For Mr. Dreesen's classes, students should have a separate 3 ring binder, paper, pencil, pen, ruler and color pencils. An asset to students is having access to a computer, printer and the internet.

lawson 7th grade history syllabus.docx
lawson 7th grade history syllabus.docx

Class Rules

1. Be on time and prepared for class. Have text, homework, pen, paper, planner with you. Your planner is your pass.

2. Respect your environment. No pop in class, no writing on desks, no writing on textbooks, no cell phones in class.

3. Respect your classmates. Keep hands off each other, respect their opinions and property.

4. Respect your teacher. Follow instructions and have a good attitude and give good effort.


1. Warning

2. 8th Hour

3. Principal

Any one of these steps may be skipped or adjusted upon the severity or the teacher's discretion. Ignorance will not be an excuse. Know your syllabus and student handbook.

Hello, I'm Mr. Dreesen. I grew up in NW Iowa. My hometown is Sheldon, Iowa, home of the Orabs. I went to Northwest Missouri State University after high school. OABAAB. Graduated Northwest, in 1991, and have been a teacher ever since. I have taught U.S. and World History, Geography, Government, Psychology, Sociology and courses in Physical Education. Along with teaching, I have coached football, boys and girls basketball, wrestling and boys and girls track. My wife, Kristi, teaches in the middle school as well. We have seven children; Tim, Jeff, Skie, Zack, Hayley, Sam and Destiny. All of our children have gone to Lawson. We as a family are active in the Y.M.C.A., church and rescue animals. I am excited for this school year.