Nobel BSAP                 2023-2024

                              Nobel Charter Middle School Black Student Achievement Plan

BSAP MISSION    To create an environment that holds and maintain a safe space to empower  Black students to attain high achievement, high academic performance, achieve social-emotional awareness, and positive  cultural identity through mentorship, exposure to authentic and diverse representation of blackness, and stressing the importance of community investment.     

                                                                                                                                        Meet the Team

Kaylyn Redmond

Assistant Principal 

Venus Lindo 

BSAP School Counselor

Christy Waishwile 

BSAP Teacher Designee

Sayuri Olivera

BSAP School Climate Advocate 

BSAP Mantra "Successful Black student achievement is defined by high academic performance, strong social - emotional awareness and management, and positive cultural identity. Furthermore, strategies and methods utilized to cultivate these things shall due in large to the historic and ongoing social and economic conditions experienced by Black people."

Our Vision  To support and elevate Black students to reach their highest potential

Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP)

The Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) is an LAUSD program to support Black students' road to high academic performance, strong social-emotional awareness and management, and a positive cultural identity.

The BSAP addresses the need for culturally responsive curriculum and instruction as the classroom norm, fosters partnerships with community based organizations with proven track records of success within the Black community, and provides increased staffing support to address the academic and social-emotional needs of Black students.

Success Indicators 

Academic Achievement

-Graduation rate increase

-Attendance and chronic absenteeism rate decrease

-Increase enrollment in Advanced Placement and honors courses

-Increase proficiency in Math and ELA/English

-Increase number of students on track in the A-G Requirements

-Increase number of students at or above benchmark in the literacy skills

-Decrease 1st time referrals for special education services

School Experience and Support


-Every student has an advocate

- Increase access to mental and social – emotional healthy resources

- Increase favorable school experience survey responses

-Access to culturally responsive curriculum and pedagogy

-Decreases discipline rates (arrests, suspensions, referrals)

-Elimination of policies and practices that contributes to school to prison pipeline


-Increase levels of parent and family engagement

-Increase participation in extracurricular activities at school

-Increase presence of community organizations on campus


Field Trips

Guest Speakers

Heart Mentor Peer Program

Family Nights

Lunch Time Game Activities

BSAP Room 




Students are encourage to participate in all school activities. Our students placed third for  representing Howard University (HBCU) during College Awareness Month,

BSAP Rewards are for students that improve, excel, are caught helping others, and participate  in school events. 

How has BSAP        impacted Nobel         Students?   

CSUN and LAUSD are partnering to build a community of educators and college students, called the Black Student Achievement Alliance, that will lend support and encourage Black middle school students  to believe they can go to college and succeed. 

 All Nobel families and community members are encouraged to support the Black Student Achievement Plan