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Robert Fulton College Preparatory

Meet our team

Your Fulton College Prep Counselors are excited to be a part of your high school career. If you have questions about classes, college/career info, mental health resources, attendance support and any other academic related topics, our best bet is that you will find your answers on this website. Take some time digging through a wealth of knowledge on our page. We are here for you Jaguars! 

6th (A-L) & 7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Vela 

6th (M-Z) & 8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Corral

SEL / Wellness Counselor

Mrs. Maffei

A - G High School Counselor

Ms. Flores

CAAM Magnet Counselor

Ms. Duran

9th and 11th Grade Counselor

Mr. Cornejo

10th and 12th Grade Counselor

Ms. Petrosyan

College & Career Counselor

Ms. Mora

Assist. Principal over Counseling

Ms. Figueroa

Grade Level Websites

Each grade level will have a website with information directly related to their class. Here student can find information about culminating and graduations requirements, A-G college information, scholarships, and much more. Please click below.