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Our ultimate goal is to make your wedding a truly remarkable destination experience by working closely with you to plan the intricacies of each of your Indian wedding ceremonies and festivities. We help you plan the entire multi-day occasion, from selecting the venue of your choice and planning out each day’s events to making travel arrangements and coordinating each party. Every client receives exclusive access to Latin Asia’s in-house event stylists and decor inventory, including premium furnishings and decorations. Combining the lavish traditions of Indian and South Asian cultures and a breathtaking backdrop of crystalline waters in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Latin Asia offers extravagant Indian destination wedding packages for 6 types of religious affairs with impressive services that are sure to exceed all your expectations.

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Indian Destination Wedding Packages, Cancun & Riviera Maya



Coordinate & execute

Planning your Indian Destination Wedding in Cancun/Riviera Maya has never been easier! Latin Asia makes it fun, easy, and affordable for couples to fulfill their dreams of a perfect Indian destination wedding. No matter where in Cancun Riviera Maya you plan to say your “I Do’s”, we will create an unforgettable moment for you and your loved ones. Latin Asia One Stop Solution specializes in South Asian and Indian destination weddings in Mexico – it’s what we do best! We completely understand your customs and traditions and the variety and style in which they are performed. So, whether you are planning to conduct a  Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Ismaili, Persian or an Interfaith wedding ceremony, we will keep every little detail in mind and work as per your requirements.

Hindu Wedding Packages

Allow us to make your Indian Wedding an incredibly special and memorable moment of your life that reflects your Hindu faith.

With Latin Asia One Stop Solution, you need not worry about explaining your deep rooted Hindu traditions because we already have extensive knowledge of your unique traditions and ceremonies so you can host an authentic Indian destination wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Our all- inclusive Hindu wedding packages include booking a venue, guest services and more:

Sikh Wedding Packages

Bring your Sikh wedding rituals and Punjabi traditions to picturesque Cancun Riviera Maya with the help of Latin Asia One Stop Solution. Through our carefully crafted Sikh wedding packages, we help you plan, design, coordinate and execute your Indian destination wedding according to both the latest style trends and your Sikh wedding traditions. We provide a variety of services to make your wedding experience stress-free and enjoyable:

Muslim Wedding Packages

Your South Asian destination wedding in Mexico is one decision away. Latin Asia’s all inclusive Muslim wedding packages take the overwhelm out of planning your South Asian wedding and put the joy back into the entire experience. Our deep understanding of Muslim rituals and customs allow us to execute a South Asian wedding in Cancun Riviera Maya that hits on all marks – a stunning venue, mouth watering culinary creations, vibrant decor, emotional music and entertainment and so much more! We ensure that every aspect of your Muslim wedding is taken care of and each event is well-executed through the following services:

Ismaili Wedding Packages

Latin Asia One Stop Solution offers a unique Ismaili destination wedding package that caters to your specific South Asian wedding traditions. Our all-inclusive service makes planning a destination wedding from afar a convenient and joyous experience for you and your family. Considering everything from renting a location, catering, decor and music to lighting and more, you’ll find that working with Latin Asia to host your destination South Asian wedding in Mexico is the easiest part of the process. Our packages include:

Interfaith Wedding Packages

Pining over a destination wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya for your upcoming Interfaith nuptials?

Let Latin Asia One Stop Solution make this the easiest event you’ll ever host! Latin Asia believes that an Interfaith wedding is a beautiful blend of a couple’s faith and cultures, creating a unified start to their life together. Together with you, we will plan festivities and ceremonies that honor both your backgrounds, whether Indian, South Asian, American, European, Canadian or other. It is important for us to create a unique wedding experience that not only reflects your style and personality as a couple but also elegantly marks the coming together of two unique families. With this in mind, we have designed Interfaith wedding packages for you that will simplify the planning process and make it a fun and exciting experience. Our Interfaith wedding packages include:

Persian Wedding Packages

Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding from a young age, and your fantasy Persian wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya can be turned into a reality with Latin Asia One Stop Solution. Our in-depth understanding and knowledge surrounding the culture and traditions of your Persian wedding allow us to plan each event with authentic precision. Whether you seek an intimate ceremony or a traditional grand celebration in your Sofreh Aghd, we will take care of the fine details, from the decor and catering to sound, lighting and more. We know that a Persian destination wedding has multiple elements to it, and we will plan everything according to your and your family’s expectations. Latin Asia takes pride in delivering exceptional services with impeccable planning, elegant style, and seamless execution. We have carefully crafted special Persian Wedding packages for each event, keeping in mind your style, vision, and budget. Here are a few services included in the package: