Our focus is helping clients achieve personal goals and improve their overall wellness by harnessing the strengths they already possess. By staying on the "last frontier" of current psychological research and technological innovation, we promise to make cutting edge services available to residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We aim to provide the highest standard of care using evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and rational emotive behavioral therapy.

Alcohol & Substance Use Assessment: A 90-minute structured interview explores how alcohol or drug use have impacted a client's life. Suitable for those required by the court to seek assessment after DUI, OWI, DWI or other alcohol or drug related charges.  Addiction Counseling: Evidence-based counseling, tailored to the individual needs of those problematically involved with alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling or other behaviors. Help and support is also available for family & friends of those with addiction issues. Brief Behavioral Health Counseling: A targeted counseling approach helps client's increase their ability to cope. Focus areas include chronic pain management, LGBTQ issues, grief & bereavement.  Counseling for Behavioral Health Conditions: Therapy to help manage behavioral health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and trauma-related issues.

Cost for service is determined by Sliding Scale.


We aim to support families and communities in the UP by helping our clients unleash their inner strengths.


By being open about our methods, policies, and fee structure, we hope to foster a relationship of mutual trust and respect.


We strive to maintain an attitude of cultural sensitivity and humility. We believe in the fundamental dignity and worth of all people, and do not discriminate.


Humans have an astounding ability to grow from experience. Our philosophy is that the past is in the past, so it is best to learn what we can from it and move forward.


Our clients are the true experts on themselves. By asking empowering questions, we tailor our approach to suit each client's needs.