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The Aspen Staff's website is designed with parents in mind! Our goal is to provide another communication option to help families and community stay connected to our school. Take a look at our staff's web pages, the Hubspot, our community links, and more.  Let Ms. Janusz know if a link does not work or you need more information.  We hope you find our website helpful!

Aspen Upcoming Dates

Make Sure You Show and Your Brain Will Grow!

Start the School Year on Time!

School starts again on Wednesday, August 9th. It is very important that your child start with their peers on time. The teachers do a lot to knit the class together in the first week and half of school. They teach expectations and protocols. They also do activities that help connect the students in the classroom with each other, the teacher, and the IAs. So start the year strong by being there on day one!

Eat Healthy!

Children need to feed their brains with a healthy diet. They will feel more energized to come to school as well as be more successful! At the grocery store read labels and avoid high sugar, high fat, and high salt foods. Everything in moderation.

Students are growing too. Be sure to provide healthy snacks for between meals. Ideas include cheese sticks, cut up veggies and fruit, and yogurt.

Aspen News in Brief

Book Vending Machine Coming to Aspen

Dear Aspen community,

We are excited to share our project for our Girl scout bronze award. Aspen will be getting a new book vending machine. Never heard of one? It’s like a regular vending machine that just holds kids books. Here is a picture of one that is at Chamisa. The kids and teachers love it!

To purchase this we needed to raise a lot of money. We would like to say thank you Fortis Brown, a local Girl Scout who was working on her Girl Scout gold award, and the Aspen PTO for their very generous donations, which helped make this possible. Our goal is to put the book vending machine in before the start of the new school year.

Ashley McLaughlin and Kaya Wilson, Girl Scout Troop 10074

PTO News

PTO News

Email the PTO at any time aspenpto@aspenpto.org

Portals for Easy Access

 Student Emails

All students have an LAPS email account.  Students use this account to log onto Clever, which is a one-stop app that allows students to access all the educational software that they have access to.  To go to your students email account follow these steps.  1. Have your student go to the Google Login page.  2. Then they will enter their full google account "firstname.lastname@studentlaschools.net  and their password to login.   Note: if this doesn't work try logging out of all the other Gmails accounts that you may be logged into.


With Clever, each student has a personalized portal with a single login for all of their online programs and resources. Students easily log in and immerse themselves in learning while teachers save precious instruction time. 

Hot Lunch Program 

You will find more information about the menu, School Cafe Payment System, and the Free and Reduced Lunch Program at the LAPS website.  Please click on the image above to link to the page.  

Parent Power School

PowerSchool is where you obtain information about your child’s grades and attendance. If you need a parent password, please contact Aspen's office.

Los Alamos Public School

Find out more about enrollment, transportation, the school board, student services, and more.

We Are Committed To:  Every child will discover and develop their unique strengths and thrive at the next level. All students will attain skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed in 21st-century society. 

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Aspen School, a Learning Community

Aspen's School, a Learning Community

Supportive, Engaged, and Resilient

Aspen's Vision

Our vision is that all students will achieve mastery of core subject knowledge and thinking skills at each grade level as well as the habits and dispositions  to use it.

Aspen's Mission

Our mission is to provide each student with quality instruction and rich learning experiences that prepare them for tomorrow’s opportunities.

The Aspen School community believes in .  . .