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Welcome to LANNA's Wellbeing page

Welcome to Lanna International School's Wellbeing page. We hope to offer you support and guidance on a range of different topics that can affect your overall health and wellbeing. Please take the time to look around and explore the different resources. If you would like to speak to a member of the support team directly then please send an email to Mr Ben (, Ms Nicole (, or Ms Sadie (

LANNA Wellbeing Newsletter - Issue 5!

Issue 5 is out now!

As we've come back into a second lockdown, this issue includes tips for working with uncertainty, we explore how tapping into our inner homo sapien can help us feel better whilst doing online school, and we also have some great book recommendations from Ms Joanna to help us manage exam (and non-exam) related stress, as well as how to get a good night's sleep! Click here to access Issue 5.

LANNA Wellbeing Newsletter - Issue 4!

Issue 4 is out now!

As exam season approaches, the theme of this issue is maintaining wellbeing in times of revision and exam related stress. There's some great articles on finding balance, developing healthy coping mechanisms in times of stress, and much, much more! Click here to access Issue 4.

LANNA Wellbeing Newsletter - Issue 3!

Issue 3 is out now!

This issue jam-packed with useful tips to help manage the return back to school for both students and parents, how you can use your breathing to help with your wellbeing, and much more! Click here to access Issue 3.

LANNA Wellbeing Newsletter - Issue 2!

Welcome to Issue 2!

This issue has some great articles included ranging from the magic of animals, advice on keeping physically well over the summer, and a delicious protein ball recipe! Click here to access the second issue.

LANNA Wellbeing Newsletter - Issue 1!

LANNA's very first Wellbeing Newsletter!

In this issue we explore what you, the LANNA Student Body, are doing to look after your wellbeing during this time, how to thrive in lockdown, most helpful apps to use for time management and fun hobbies, and how to make healthy smoothie bowls during your breaks from school work! Click here to access the first issue.

LANNA Wellbeing Self-Help Series: Depression

If you would like to read our self-help guide on coping with feeling down then click here.

LANNA Wellbeing Self-Help Series: Worry

If you would like to read our self-help guide on what to do when you feel worried then click here.

Virtual Meditation Room

Explore the resources available by clicking on the virtual room.

Virtual Counselling Resources Room

Explore the resources available by clicking on the virtual room.

Ms Joanna's Reading Recommendations

Click here to see Ms Joanna's wellbeing reading recommendations. Contact Ms Joanna for further details.