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For any team, where practice does NOT start immediately after school (i.e. practice starts at 3:45 or later), those athletes will need to either sign up for, and attend AFTER SCHOOL RESOURCE or leave the building and come back in time for the start of practice. Athletes cannot "hang around" unattended without a willing, available, and approved coach or staff member.


Generally speaking, if school is cancelled, due to unsafe weather conditions, or any other reason, athletic practices, games and/or events will also be cancelled for that day(s). If an athletic event is cancelled during a day when school is in session, the appropriate staff will make all necessary efforts to notify the athletes and their families/contacts as soon as possible (so check your email if in doubt).

ATHLETES and FAMILIES: Please understand that some teams may involve cuts, which are at the discretion of the coach. John Page Middle School Coaches are entrusted to make the (justified) decisions they feel are in the best interest of the team.

"Making the Team"

SAFETY of all of our athletes, coaches, and participants, is always our most paramount priority. 

In that vein, we follow and enforce all safety rules and guidelines established by the MHSAA and the Lamphere Schools. This includes (but is not limited to) proper wearing of the necessary equipment, uniforms, rules of the game, facility procedures and safeguards, etc.

** PLEASE KNOW that in order for ANY student to participate for any team, equipment from previous sports must be returned/school fines paid up. Students must also have an active physical uploaded into PRIVIT and their PRIVIT profile must be complete with the STUDENT'S information (see below). 

Page Middle School Equipment Return Policy

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 Athlete Checklist

Before any student athlete can participate in interscholastic athletics at Page Middle School, they must take care of the following responsibilities:

1. Completed Sports Physical, dated after April 15th and signed by a licensed physician

2. Completed PRIVIT Profile- under the STUDENT'S NAME

Directions for completing a PRIVIT Profile

3. Have all other (previous) sports equipment successfully returned

If you need further assistance with any of the athletic paperwork, please contact Mrs. Colleen Harm at (248) 589-3428.

Academic Policy and Code of Conduct

Our school policy on academic eligibility states that student athletes must pass FIVE (of their six) classes in order to be eligible for weekly game day participation. Student-athletes that fall below the academic threshold will be able to practice, but cannot participate in official games/meets/events until they are once again passing FIVE (5) or more classes.

Please also understand that while we want to continue to teach these student athletes the values of responsibility and accountability, athletics offer them so many valuable benefits, including (but not limited to): health, time management, conflict resolution, perseverance, managing success and overcoming adversity, healthy competition, increased social skills and self-esteem, etc. 

We want to work with our student athletes to help them have every opportunity to play the sport they are passionate about, but with privilege comes responsibility. Page student athletes are expected to maintain positive character traits in and out of the class. 

Page Middle School Athletic Code of Conduct

John Page Middle School Athletics Attendance/Suspension Policy

To participate in practices and games

All student-athletes and team members are required to attend at least FOUR (4) of their six classes for the day, unless for a medical, personal, or family emergency that has been reported to the Main office and the coach(es). Any unexcused or unreported absence from practice may result in a change in playing time and responsibility.


If any student-athlete or team member is suspended from school (ISS or OSS), they are not permitted to be at any practice or game that same day(s) of suspension. Once the suspension is over and the student student-athlete or team member returns to school, they may rejoin the team activities, per the approval of the coach (which may also involve administrative intervention).

Please understand that a coach reserves the right to temporarily suspend (or permanently dismiss) any student-athlete or team member from team activities or game action, if said  student-athlete or team member repeatedly (or egregiously) acts against team policies or is deemed to be overall detrimental to the team culture.

Please also understand that any in-school violation of the code of conduct (as spelled out in the student handbook) may affect the eligibility and roles and responsibilities of the student-athlete or team member, as judiciously determined by the coach (which may also involve administrative intervention).

Sportsmanship for all at our Sporting Events

In the Lamphere School District, we take a lot of pride in our athletic teams- the athletes, the coaches, and all who help to get our athletes ready for competition on the field/court, and in life. We also take a lot of pride in our community and the positive image we want to proudly present to our surrounding communities.


We want to remind all family members, friends, and otherwise supporters of our athletic teams that while we strive for success and want to foster healthy competitive drive in our athletes, our coaches are also focusing on the development of these players, and want to provide the best athletically educational opportunity for them.

We at Lamphere want to be known for supporting our team, rather than criticizing or harassing the opposition, the officials, or any of our own. We want our fans to elevate, rather than agitate. We must acknowledge that all of us are human, and mistakes and errors can (and will) happen, but taking the positive approach is what will set us apart and elevate us. More importantly, it will set a positive tone for our young people to follow. 

We invite our community to be supportive spectators and fans of our teams and coaches. Please trust the coaches to coach, and trust the student-athletes to play.  Spectators should refrain from interaction with coaches or players until after the contest, and the appropriate time and setting has been established.

Again, we firmly believe in being a positive, supportive, understanding, and tolerant community, and we thank all of you for doing your part. Thank you for accepting the responsibility of being beneficial role models for our young athletes, and making us delighted to be part of this great Lamphere community.



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