Lakeview Academy

LOgin Information for grades K-2 and 3rd - 5th grade electives

FLVS Global will serve our K-2 students. Students will have access to a grade level teacher, who will monitor your child's progress and provide support for their learning.

Our 3rd through 5th grade students will have access to FLVS Flex for their electives. Students are required to take physical education but will have a choice of art, Spanish or technology as an elective.

LOgin Information for grades 3-12

Edgenuity will continue to be the platform for our 3rd- 12th grade students. Students in 3rd-5th grade will take their core classes through Edgenuity and their electives through FLVS.

Learning Center Hours: Coming Soon

Please do not send your child if the child or anyone in the house is showing symptoms of COVID.


You may pick up your Chromebook at Lakeview High School. There is a $20.00 insurance fee that must be paid prior to picking up your Chromebook.

State Testing notice



Lake County School District #7 is providing a K-12 online learning option for our students to attend our virtual public school. Lakeview Academy will provide district Chromebooks upon admission to the school or you may use your own personal computer. Christopher Rose, VP/AD at DMS/LHS, will be the principal for Lakeview Academy.

Edgenuity will be the online content provider for our students at Lakeview Academy ( We are able to offer a flexible design where students can complete their work throughout the day to fit their schedule. Instruction is offered in a recorded format from content area specialist, who will check in with the students and learning coach one to three times a week. High school students will have the option of tutoring for core content areas six days a week and have many options to choose from for electives.

The online learning platform offers accessibility for English Language Learners, and Special Education students. In addition, Special Education students will have a district Special Education case manager assigned to them. The robust course offerings will provide Gifted and Talented students to have a wide variety of engaging classes to choose from.

The high school counselor will support Lakeview Academy students in remaining on track for graduation and building schedules as well providing socio-emotional support. If a course is not offered through Lakeview Academy, but is offered at DMS/LHS, a student may inquire about registering for that course onsite at DMS/LHS if social distancing and cohort compatibility requirements can be met.


Jamie Patterson


Brandi Harris

School Counselor


High School/Middle School Office

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Elementary Office

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