Lakeland School District

Comprehensive Planning 2022

The Lakeland School District's 2022-2025 Comprehensive Plan is due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education no later than November 30, 2022.  This website will serve as a resource for the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.  Meeting recordings, presentation materials, and helpful links will be posted to this site so they can be easily accessed.

Public Review

The Lakeland School District began the Comprehensive Planning process in early January of 2022.  A diverse committee of stakeholders came together to form the steering committee and subcommittees whose collaborative efforts ultimately produced the plans linked below.  As a final step in the planning process, the district is required to make available for public review and comment for a period of 28 days the Lakeland School District 2022-2025 Comprehensive Plan and other supporting reports.  Please click the appropriate links below to review each plan.  

On November 7, 2022, the 2022-2025 Lakeland School District Comprehensive Plan was presented to the Board of Directors at a public Work Session.  Please see below to view the presentation slide deck.

Comp Plan Presentation 11-7-2022

Meeting Pages

The Lakeland School District Professional Development Committee met on Monday, April 24th to discuss ongoing district initiatives, current PA mandates related to professional development, and 2023-2024 planning.  Please click below to view the slide deck.

Professional Development Committee 2023