Meet Ms. Schroeder

Hi my name is Rebecca Schroeder and this is my 18th year teaching here at Lakehurst Elementary School. I am excited to be your child's Pre-K teacher! I look forward to a fun and exciting 2017-2018 school year!

Some fun facts about me include:

*I am very excited to be teaching Pre-K this year!!!

*I love teaching!

*I graduated from The College of Saint Elizabeth, with a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology and received my Certification in Special Education.

*I love animals.

* I have 5 cats.

* I enjoy walking on the beach!

* I love to eat ice cream! Yummy!

* I love butterflies and Ladybugs!!

* I love to listen to music!

* I was born in the Fall!

* November 15th is my birthday!

* I enjoy collecting Peanuts Characters, especially Schroeder the piano player!

*I have my motorcycle license and love to ride

*My favorite colors are pink and purple

* I love sunny, warm days!

*I enjoy reading books!

* I am a huge Giants football fan!!!