Grimshaw 2nd Annual Walkathon

What is the Walk-a-thon?

A school-wide fundraiser where students will get pledges and walk laps on a marked course to raise money for Grimshaw Elementary.


*Promote a healthy and active lifestyle to our students

*Raise money to support our school

*This year our focus is supporting the Art, Music and Physical Education Departments, that will benefit ALL students.

When is the walk?

The Walk-a-thon will take place at Grimshaw Elementary on a good weather day during school hours between October 3-4. Participation is free and all students will walk with their classmates during their assigned time, per grade level lasting approximately 35-40 minutes. Five laps around the field is equivalent to 1 mile. There is no minimum distance to be walked but students are encouraged to walk as far as they are able. Students needs to make sure that sneakers are brought/worn during each of these three days.

Why a Walk-a-thon?

Previously GAPS has done a fundraiser, which included selling items and we have found that one fundraiser with 100% profit is more beneficial to Grimshaw Elementary students and teachers.

How does it work?

The process is simple. Students will ask people to be “Sponsors.” “Sponsors” are those folks who agree to donate money for your participation as a walker in the Walk-a-thon. Family members, friends and neighbors are great “sponsors.” A pledge form is on the other side of this letter so your child can seek donations from “sponsors” for each lap they complete during the walk. They may also collect flat pledge donations that are not based on laps walked. Cash or checks are accepted. (Make checks payable to GAPS). Encourage your child to go out and raise as much money as possible. We will be rewarding the top pledge-collectors with prizes!

When do I turn in my money?

Students turn in their sponsor sheet on September 27th and money by October 18th. Please e-mail

Amanda Reppi, Grimshaw’s Art Teacher at if you have any questions about the Walk-a-thon. Thank you!

Remember… 100 % of the donations will benefit Grimshaw Elementary students and all donations are tax deductible!

Walk A Thon Welcome Letter.pdf
Walk A Thon Pledge Sheet.pdf