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Learn Salesforce from scratch and emerge strong on the other side

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Hello everybody. Thanks for joining our Salesforce training course. This course is run by volunteers, virtual and completely free of charge.

It's designed for people who recently lost their jobs because of coronavirus and do not know anything about Salesforce. We will be learning Salesforce together, and hopefully, inspiring you to take advantage of these new skills and join us in the ecosystem when life returns to "normal".

All sessions will be recorded and shared to allow people in other time zones to follow along. By taking part, you consent to us holding your name, phone number and email address for the purposes of running the course and sharing resources.

You can ask questions ANY TIME here.

What's Salesforce then?

Salesforce is a massive technology platform. It started life in 1999 as a fully-online CRM (customer relationship management) system. Businesses primarily use it to track their sales and service activity. Back in the day, you had to install a special program onto your computer and whatever information you added to it was yours alone. No one else could get to it unless you sent it to them. Salesforce was different because it is online and the information is shared all by itself without someone having to download and email it out.

It's completely customisable. And you don't even need to learn how to write code to make changes to how it works. The thing is, it's got quite big now. They've grown to a multi billion-pound company and they've bought other companies and technologies along the way. So now, they can support pretty much any business out there.

Why should I bother?

You don't have to. But

1) You can learn it for free.

2) Over the years, Salesforce and the skills for managing and developing it are hugely in demand. You can learn Salesforce from your living room and even from your phone.

3) You can make a lot of money doing this for a living

4) The platform itself is VERY COOL and we use Salesforce's training platform to help you learn

We're here to teach you how to use, configure and apply it. Maybe a little about the ecosystem too.

What's the Catch?

No catch whatsoever. Just turn up and learn. We do this for no other reason than the fact we care.


  • A laptop

  • An internet connection

  • A FREE Trailhead account (sign up below)

  • A Google account for accessing resources and the hangout

  • 2 hours free 8pm-10pm GMT on a Monday / Wednesday / Friday (see calendar above for your timings)

  • A quiet place to work undisturbed

  • Some time to do homework between sessions


Gemma Blezard

Leader - Salesforce Architect, Bedford UK

CEO - The Architech Club, Founder - Ladies Be Architects

Salesforce MVP, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons (I wish)

DBS-certified and definitely not a psychopath