English Learner Program

The goal of Lincoln ESD 156's English Learner (EL) Program is to develop social, cultural, and academic competence by creating a learning environment that:

    • Equitable access to language support services for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have been identified as EL learners.
    • These services will assist them to become lifelong learners, able to contribute to and function in a multicultural and globally competitive world.

While meeting these goals, Lincoln ESD 156

    • Expects students to meet high academic standards
    • Facilitates effective communication in English through reading, writing, speaking, and listening
    • Encourages risk taking and inquiry

We believe that English must be modeled, taught and used in every classroom. Lincoln ESD 156 is committed to the principle that English language learners and their families, should be validated and supported during the process of acquiring English. Native language instruction in Spanish is utilized throughout the program to insure that students continue to develop academic concepts as they learn English.


To provide a nurturing environment and curriculum that meets the diverse needs to foster student growth.


Providing quality education that yields successful citizens.