Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee

What is the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee?

The Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) is a group of parents/guardians who meet with teachers and administrators as well as other community members and representatives regularly to advocate for fair EL and Bilingual programming for their child. The majority of the members shall be parents/guardians.

Committee Members

President - Adriana Zaragoza

Vice President - Lorena Marin

Secretary - Maria Fonseca

Purpose of the BPAC?

•Consists of a majority of bilingual program parents and guardians, and includes TBE teachers, counselors and community leaders

•Gives recommendations to program

•Majority of members are parents/guardians of children in the program

•Membership representative of the languages served

•Receive training from the district to make informed decisions

•Participate in planning, operation and evaluation of programs.

When does the BPAC meet?

The BPAC meets monthly, unless otherwise noted. Please see attachment below for dates and times.

Topics of discussion

  • How to read your child's ACCESS and PARCC scores?
  • School Curriculum and how to log in as a parent

and many more...

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