Hello there. This section of the website is for people who've read / are reading my book 'Maths Tricks to Blow Your Mind' and would like some further information on any of the puzzles / problems / people I briefly mention. If there's anything you think I've left out, drop me an email!


A list of the most retweeted tweets of all time: LINK

The Structural Virality of online diffusion - Goel et al LINK

My popular cheese tweet LINK

Chapter 1

Ben Stephens' percentages tweet LINK

Website claiming 90% success rate for denmark elephant trick LINK

Chapter 2

David Acheson's excellent book 1089 and all that LINK

Huffington Post article about on/off train SATs question LINK

Nice blog post about the 'Mystery Calculator' LINK

David Copperfield clock trick LINK

James Grime's excellent paper on the Kruskal count LINK

Chapter 3

The excellent Rob Eastaway explains Hannah's Sweets LINK

Dr Frost's Hannah's Sweets style question generator LINK

Hans Rosling: Population growth box by box LINK

Me singing about exponentially increasing love LINK

My exponential twitter thread - give it a like? LINK

The Aperiodical article about Claire Longmoor and the orchestra question LINK

Dreadful Mirror article about Mum stumped by daughter's homework LINK

Lovely proof of Chika's test by Simon Ellis LINK

Chapter 4

The TES video with Jo Morgan & Craig Barton that largely inspired this chapter LINK

The Keane song on Chris Moyles' quiz show LINK

James Tanton elaborates on the vinculum LINK

Chapter 5

My original discussion with CBeebies re: Apple Tree House (love you CBeebies...) LINK

Alon Amit's excellent piece about the very hard fruit equations LINK

My Collatz twitter thread. See if you can follow it all the way to Phil Collins! LINK

Chapter 6

Ed Southall's Pink Triangle here LINK and the many solutions here LINK

Nice visualisation of the Henk Reuling circle puzzle LINK

The Catriona Agg puzzle I discuss, giver her a follow, her stuff is gold LINK


​A decent piece about Gracie Cunningham, the original video is easy to google LINK

The original miracle sudoku video aka the best 25 minutes you'll ever spend LINK

And of course, the solution to the miracle sudoku in my book. I must be honest here... I never got round to fully completing it. It's really hard! So here are two attempts I've had sent to me since publication, the first by Mimi Cheung and the second by Gil Wright. I don't think they can both be right, but I'll post both here while I work out which - if either! - is correct.