TEN TREASURES is a virtual nature table for island students to share their discoveries and get feedback from professional scientists. We will add nine more treasure-hunt challenges during the 2020-2021 school year. Each one will come with clues, and we hope will encourage young islanders—and their families—to spend more time outdoors exploring their islands’ many living treasures, and thinking about their own role in island ecology. Of course, we ask that organisms be observed and studied respectfully, with a camera and a notebook, and left to thrive and be rediscovered by others!

TEN TREASURES is a project of KWIAHT, a 501C3 nonprofit conservation laboratory working in and for the San Juan Islands, with the goal of sound stewardship of the islands’ unique living heritage. More information on our research programs and other educational opportunities can be found at: www.kwiaht.org or by contacting our staff at info@kwiaht.org

Thanks to the many islanders that donated to this project through the Orcas Island Community Foundation: Steven Alboucq, Ed Andrews and Marcela Barrientos, Lynn Baker, Anne Bertino, Ron Claus, Bruce Culver, Jacqueline Daigle, Cathy Faulkner, Angela Foster, Sandi Friel, Gail Glass. Steve Jung and Susan McBain, JoAn Mann, Annie Moss Moore, Madrona Murphy, Elsie Pamuk, Teresa Patrick, Nancy Quackenbush, Mary Rancourt, Sheila and Robert Rubey, Amy Saxe-Eyler, Judith Scott and Dan Stillman, Victoria and Bathan Shaner, Margot Shaw, Susan Singleton and Andrew Shewman, Marcia and George Spees, the Steckley Family, David and Geri Turnoy, Jennifer Wallace, and the Ziegler and Baldwin families.