Why Take the Leap?

Our district has steadily pursued. ambitious goals over the last few years to elevate instruction and provide more opportunities for students.

We repurposed spaces for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) wherever possible, expanded electives, introduced successful early literacy programs and broadened college prep resources. We have been Making Strides.

The bond referendum represents the progression of our district and our community. Through both renovation and innovation, the proposed projects would enhance every aspect of the student experience: arts, academics and athletics. They'd be a game-changer for our children and our schools. That's why we're Taking the Leap - please review this website to learn much more about the proposal. And vote on Oct. 6!

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The Sept. 19 Virtual Town Hall included panelists providing overviews and taking questions about a wide range of bond referendum topics.

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A matter of Kenilworth pride

Students need and deserve to have the same opportunities as their peers in neighboring districts.

They need the learning experiences to prepare them for college and careers in a high-technology, fast-paced world.

They need spaces that offer a strong school identity, socialization with peers, and a full three years of middle school instruction.

They need modern facilities where they can explore their interests and develop their talents in arts, music and sports.

The community would reap the benefits of these improvements.

Home buyers value high quality school districts..

Kenilworth's proposal for transformative upgrades would make our proud community an even more desirable place to live.

Ensuring our schools are maintained, modernized and poised for innovation is our responsibility to our students and the entire community.

Why now?

Our district needs improvements that are long overdue - including renovations to our auditoriums.

We meticulously maintain our buildings within our operating budget, but large-scale improvements can only be achieved through an approved referendum. That funding method gives the district access to state aid that is not available any other way.

The proposal includes HVAC upgrades that would complete a transition to more efficient systems that would enhance savings, comfort and air quality.

Local families are on waiting lists for pre-K spots. Sixth-graders are in the elementary school instead of in middle school. The middle school students blend into the high school environment instead of having a school with a separate identity. We don't want to wait any longer to give these groups the spaces they need.

Kenilworth has been making strides ... this referendum would allow our district to take the leap with facilities that support innovation.


What projects are proposed?

The proposed projects were identified through a facilities needs assessment.


High-tech science wing for high school students

Access to high school level science labs for middle school students

Two-story addition at Brearley that would create separation between middle school and high school, room to move sixth-graders from Harding

Freed-up space at Harding for pre-K, special needs


Auditorium renovations at both schools

New music and arts classrooms for middle school


Synthetic turf field and new track; upgrades to baseball and softball fields


New classroom HVAC units, replacement systems, air conditioning for Brearley auxiliary gym.


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