Traveling together on the road to our future  

Our community has a sense of ownership in Kenilworth Public Schools, and with good reason. The district provides a sense of connection in our small town. Plus, many residents attended our schools before sending their children here.  

When we began evaluating major building needs a few years ago, we listened to the community. That’s why our bond referendum included items such as space to expand pre-K, more classrooms for science and technology, and upgraded sports facilities. 


At the same time, Kenilworth Public Schools was increasingly focused on innovation and supporting students’ social and emotional needs.  

All of our plans converged on the road to a stronger future. Now, with a voter-approved referendum, we’re planning projects including a Brearley expansion that will give middle school students their own space for learning and social experiences and provide a high-tech science wing for high school students. 

It’s a big leap for Kenilworth schools and our community. We look forward to taking it together.  

What’s next: Groundwork for projects 

The district is working with its architects and engineers to prepare for the construction process. Our consultants will meet with key staff members for input before creating specifications for major building projects.  

Those detailed plans will be shared with potential contractors as the projects are advertised for bid. Each package of projects will be awarded to the lowest qualified bidder, in accordance with state regulations.  

A construction management company will oversee all work, as required by the state.  

The timeline: A plan for steady progress  

The bond referendum projects will take shape over the next few years, culminating in the creation of a distinct middle school within Brearley that will welcome its first sixth-graders in September 2025.  

The bulk of the construction will be completed over the summer months, and any work performed during the school year will be done with minimum disruption to students and staff. The district has packaged the projects to help manage the timelines and to create a more efficient bidding process for contractors. 

Package 1: Athletic area - Synthethic turf field and track (not grass fields); drainage; new fencing and repair/replace walkways  

Package 2: HVAC upgrades - New classroom unit ventilators; addition of energy-saving building management system; new rooftop units and other system upgrades 

Package 3: Building additions and renovations – Two-story Brearley addition for middle school classrooms and high school science wing; new Brearley lobby/entrance (near parking lot); conversion of auxiliary gym into middle school gym/cafeteria; grass field upgrades; middle school drop-off loop; Harding and Brearley auditorium renovations 

The new Brearley lobby will have a modern, open layout. 

A rendering of the future David Brearley Middle School entrance.

New seats for the renovated Harding (left) and Brearley auditoriums.