Toni pater's 4th Grade is learning about the rock cycle. We also got to make igneous rocks with ice cubes and chocolate sauce!  

Toni Pater's 4th grade class learned about the rock cycle last week. They also acted out how sedimentary  rocks are formed and made sedimentary  rocks with Jolly Rancher candy! 

4th and 5th grade Reading class made cookies for I Love to Read Day.   

Mrs. Tina's class was excited to celebrate 100 days of school. 

Santa came to visit us today!!! 

Christmas Break- December 19th-January 2nd, 

Teacher Inservice January 3rd

Merry Christmas to all our KSD families 


ASL Resources to do with your family over Christmas Break

ASL Christmas 5-Day Challenge - ASL Teaching Resources

Take the 5-day American Sign Language (ASL) Christmas challenge to give yourself a gift and bring joy to the lives of those you care about by bonding over a few simple Christmas sign language phrases. #aslteachingresources #signlanguage #christmassigns #teachmeasl #aslchristmas #signlanguagebeginners #learnasl #learnchristmasasl #christmastime #christmaschallenge #signlanguagechallenge ...

International Reading Day 2022

Happy Halloween

A visit for our local Fire Station. 

4th and 5th grade students in Mrs. Fisher's Social Studies class used tea to dye and age paper, to look like the Constitution. Then students developed a classroom constitution and signed it with a feather pen and ink, like our forefathers did in 1787. 

Constitution  Day 

Meet our new School Resource Officer

Here are some interesting things about officer Davis. 

Favortie Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Reading and watching Notre Dame Football

Pets: 2 dogs-Cato and June, one cat-Silvio

Years as a Police Officer: 22 years

What do you like most about KSD? 

Answer: "Interaction with the students and staff has been a fulfilling and rewarding addition to my career.  This community has quickly become near and dear to my heart. Learning and experiencing deaf culture has given me the opportunity to experience a completely new facet of public service. "

The new SRO cruiser has a new look!!