Students of the Month for September

A BIG congratulations to

Baylee Gilpin and Sawyer Roberts

KSD PRIDE Awards for September


First day eating in our NEW cafeteria on our NEW tables!!

Everyone was EXCITED!! We LOVE them!

Inspire Kindness

We spent the day learning about how to be kind. We did different activities such as face painting, writing positive words with chalk outside, and writing how to be kind for the Kindness Tree.

teacher is signing to students sitting in semi circle

2019 International Day of Reading--FRANCE

Bonjour! Yes, that means “Hello!” in French. Marshall Elementary School students took a “trip” to France for the 2019 International Reading Day. France was chosen because our namesake’s (Marshall) family originated in France. Learning about Carolyn Gulley’s family and seeing their pictures was amazing! Students and staff enjoyed learning about French culture, language, dress, and flag. We had a glimpse of French holidays through the story of Madeline’s Christmas by Ludwig Bemelmans as it was read and signed to the students. We also watched a video of an American fingerspelling the alphabet in ASL and a Frenchman fingerspelling the alphabet in French Sign Language (LSF) simultaneously. Yes, they are DIFFERENT! In fact, many things are different in France. However, all people enjoy eating! Right? We sure did as we shared in a French dessert called crepes filled with fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate topping! Sadly at the end of the day we had to say, “Au revoir!” (Goodbye) to France.

Mosaic Artist, Tracy Pennington is showing students a mosaic piece

Community Service Art Project

Mosaic—A piece of art or image made from the assembling of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.

Mural—A painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall.

“Mosaic” and “mural” are just two of the new vocabulary words that we have enjoyed learning as we play a part in the Community Service Art Project. Mosaic Artist Tracy Pennington has graced us with her talent and love for art as she collaborates with EVERY student at KSD to develop a mural that will be displayed in downtown Danville. During our first meeting with the artist, students met with Ms. Pennington to learn about the small pieces of glass tile that would be used. Of course, before working we had to plan! Students teamed up to share their thoughts and feelings about KSD! These ideas were transformed into colors and patterns to share with Danville. During our second visit with Ms. Pennington, she taught us how to choose tiles and glue them onto a prepared circle form that would be used to make the wall. Different colors and patterns were used as we watched students share their creativity in their designs and patterns. Cooperation and team work truly demonstrated KSD PRIDE. Of course, the next question….”Is it finished?” No, not yet. There’s still plenty of work to be done first. We will let you know when the “unveiling” is scheduled! In the meantime, know that KSD PRIDE will be shared with all of Danville as we make our mark of art in the community!

students signed their name on a pretend copy of the Constitution with a feather and ink in Social Studies class

Constitution Day, September 17

Mr. Wilson’s Social Studies class was introduced to the U.S. Constitution by viewing a short animated video to help them understand what the U.S. Constitution is about. Then they used a feather and ink to sign their names on a pretend copy of the U.S. Constitution.

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Science Experiment in Mrs. Pater's Class

Elephant Toothpaste