Makerspace @HMC

Our Makerspace@HMC includes a lot of activities for students to do during recesses and library classes. Students are challenged to use independent and cooperative learning, critical thinking, following directions, imagination and creativity. These activities include crafts, origami, playing the piano, Keiki engineering, coding, movie making, etc. E komo mai! Welcome to our Hiʻilei Media Center's Makerspace!

Here are pictures and videos of students coming in during recess to complete a "KEIKI ENGINEERING" kit with some guidance from Mrs. Redona our K-3 Library Media Specialist. Most kits involve learning about electrical wires, circuits, gears, and using a variety of tools such as a screw driver. Click the link here to see our students in action

As the K-3 Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Redona showed students what a Rube Goldberg machine looks like, and talked about pulleys, inclines, lever, and other simple machines. Students researched and posted information they found online onto a padlet, click here to see their findings. She then challenged her students to pop a balloon with at least three chain reactions/simple machines with a specific set of materials. These are photos and videos of the learning that took place during the Great Maker Challenge for grade 3. Click Here

During Christmas students came in to make snow globes made out of plastic cups with Ms. Louis, our Library Media Specialist for grades 4-6 and Mrs. Samson, our Library Assistant.