TED-Ed Innovation Project

8/29/16 Meeting With Our Kakaʻako

One of my goals for the school year as advisor for our Entrepreneurship Club is to connect our students to Our Kakaʻako. Kamehameha Schools owns and manages 9 city blocks in Kakaʻako. There is incredible potential for innovative learning. However, there is a disconnect. I want to help to establish a connection by partnering with the great team at Our Kakaʻako.

Met with Aron and Mae, managers of Our Kakaʻako. They are awesome. They were open, welcoming, and very supportive. They would love to see more students engaged and involved with Our Kakaʻako. They have offered our club a table at the Honolulu Night Market (a hipster craft fair with food trucks and live entertainment.)

9/27/16 TED-Ed Innovative Educators

Omigosh. Blessed to have been accepted into the third cohort of TED-Ed Innovative Educators. Very grateful to my team who has supported me over the years.

Part of this experience is to design an innovative project for oneʻs school community. This will change the scope of my initial goal.

I hope to connect our campus (and as many students and teachers to Our Kakaʻako.) I believe that the vehicle for doing this will be via school clubs. This would bring the least disruption to the school day.

I will also need to design a framework that can be replicated. Not sure what that will look like.

10/6/16 Ideation

Brainstorming ideas for my innovation project....

• Entrepreneurship Fair will now be at SALT at the Honolulu Night Market in December. Students will go through design thinking process to develop their product. They will market their brand, and have real-world learning at the night market.

• Connect our business class to the entrepreneurs at SALT. This initial field trip will hopefully lead to future opportunities.

• Bring in guest speakers to campus (entrepreneurs, event planners, etc.)

• Possible TED-Ed Club event next spring.

• Robotics Club demo for the community. Creativity Playground with Spheros, Makey Makey, Garageband, etc.

• CPR clinic for the community.

• Possible site for EdCamp Honolulu. (It doesn't have to be in a school cafeteria.)

• Explore summer internship opportunities.

• Somehow connecting our KS EdTech Conference to Our Kakaʻako.

10/28/16 My First TED-Ed Lesson

Created my first one. I was interested in a topic that could integrate science with Hawaiian culture and vocabulary. The concept of "indigenous wisdom" appealed to me.

TED-Ed Lessons is a very user-friendly platform. I plan to share this platform with teachers through our future PD offerings.

11/4/16 KS Business Class Field Trip to SALT @ Our Kakaʻako

I was able to connect Sheryl's Business class to Our Kakaʻako. We toured SALT and met with some of the entrepreneurs. It was a great success and will hopefully become an annual project.

Students received a presentation on the vision of Our Kakaaʻko and on city planning from Mae.

We met with Chef Todd from Moku Kitchen. He spoke on passion, economics, and the rewards of the culinary field. Students also enjoyed complimentary pizza.

Was able to introduce our CPR Club president to Our Kakaʻako and to OrangeTheory Fitness. Looking forward to putting on CPR clinics for the community.

Here are some of our students relaxing in a parklet in Kakaʻako. It was a rich day of learning for all.

11/7/16 TED-Ed Lesson Presentation


Developing a presentation to train teachers on the TED-Ed platform.

11/9/16 Innovation Project

TED-Ed Project Pitch

First draft of my project pitch....

The guiding question is, “What if we could be more like NYU where the classroom is not just a building, but an entire city?”

My project idea is to connect our Kamehameha Schools students to the city (specifically to Kakaʻako.) I would like to do this via school clubs, which would be least disruptive to the school day. The two main goals are to:

1. Amplify Student Voices

2. Provide Authentic Learning Experiences.

11/29/16 Project Name Change

Excited for TED-Ed Weekend coming up in just a few days! On Day 2, all of the TIEs will have two minutes each on the TED stage to pitch our project ideas. After working on tailoring my project to the specific needs (and context) of Kamehameha Schools, I have decided to make my pitch more replicable (and general) for the audience. I have changed the name from "SALT-Ed" to "Reimagine."

12/4/16 TED-Ed Weekend in New York

This is all I could capture on my iPhone. The rest is captured in my heart....


12/5/16 Innovation Project Pitch

Everyone in the TED-Ed Innovative Educators cohort delivered a 2-minute project pitch on the TED stage.

12/15/16 Sunrise on Hawaiʻi News Now

Our Entrepreneurship Club was invited to participate in Paʻakai Marketplace (night market) at SALT in Our Kakaʻako. Here is our club president Malia on our state’s number one morning newscast promoting the event and amplifying our student voices.

12/16/16 Paʻakai Marketplace

Here is our booth at the event. Our students sold wire & shell jewelry which they learned how to make in our Creative Metals class at school. Another student is a full-stack web developer who displayed his websites and passed out business cards. It was authentic, real-world learning, and it was a lot of fun.

I got to witness world-class education up close.

1/14/17 KS Mashup

Presented on the TED-Ed Platform to Hawaiʻi public & private school educators at our KS Mashup (a free half-day of PD & inspiration.)

1/18/17 Approved!

Our TED-Ed Club has been approved! We are looking forward to covering the 13-lesson presentation literacy curriculum and hopefully run an event at SALT @ Our Kakaʻako by year's end.

2/13/17 Collab with PVS

Met up with a crew member from Hōkūleʻa to collaborate on projects & speaking engagements. Our hope is to submit an original lesson on Polynesian Wayfinding for a TED-Ed Animation.

2/27/17 TED-Ed Student Talks

Our TED-Ed Club speaking event has been confirmed for Saturday, May 6th, from 10-11am @ SALT.

5/6/17 We Did It!

We did it!! We had a very successful TED-Ed Club Student Talks event at SALT @ Our Kakaʻako.

• Chase & Chels started the morning with pre-event music. They were awesome.

• Malia spoke on life-changing lessons learned on her trip to the Galapagos Islands.

• Duke spoke on his summer internship at the University of Pittsburgh studying cancer treatments.

• Sasha shared her experiences as Editor-in-Chief at our school’s newspaper, Ka Mōʻī.

• Jacob shared the emotional journey of his injury at a track & field meet in the pole vault event.

• Sierra talked about her passion and experiences being involved with robotics programs.

• Laʻakea shared about work ethic in making it onto the USA Water Polo Olympic Development Team.

• Keely took us on her journey of auditioning for a Filipino reality show and friendships made.

• Cade, a “speechie,” articulated experiences of competing in speech & debate at the international level.

• Nicole spoke on her passion of exploration & adventure and to recognize opportunities.

• Bailey shared her inspiring story of why she created the Lifesavers Club and how to bring awareness.

The KS Lifesavers Club then gave a CPR/AED demo and clinic. It was a great day for all!

6/13/17 #TEDEdChat

Had the opportunity to co-facilitate an edchat on Twitter. It was a great way of making new connections with educators around the globe.

8/3/17 KHS Faculty PD Day

Our TED-Ed Innovation Projects will officially end on September 15th.

I was able to present my innovation project to our high school faculty at our PD Day. The presentation was on community engagement + social media.

Mahalo TED-Ed for the opportunity!!!

8/15/17 TED-Ed Club @ KMS

Met with passionate educators at our middle school campus. Was able to help with the start up of their very first TED-Ed Club. Hoʻomaikaʻi!

8/29/17 TED-Ed Club @ Hālau ʻĪnana

Submitted a charter application to create TED-Ed @ Hālau ʻĪnana. It would be amazing to have our students collaborate with other students from public, private, and charter schools. It would be a dream-come-true to hold a speaking event here at this learning incubator.

10/17/17 TED-Ed Lesson Published

Collaborated with Hōkūleʻa crewmember Shantell De Silva to develop this lesson on Polynesian wayfinding.

11/1/17 Posted on the TED-Ed Blog

Laura from TED-Ed was so kind to have posted an article on my TED-Ed Innovation Project on their blog. My project was about community engagement, real-world learning, and amplifying student voices.