Kaiser Rifken Design Group

Interior Design . Project Management . Purchasing

Kaiser Rifken Design Group ("KRDG") began in 1989. We are a professional, creative and multi-award winning company specializing in both commercial and residential interior design.

Our Mission

Our one single mission is to guide our clients through the enjoyable, creative process of designing their interior environment and enhancing their daily life.We have developed a unique approach to help define our client's goals while satisfying their senses. Our experience in architecture, design & construction helps avoid mistakes and remain within budget.

  • Design planning & material selection
  • Furniture & lighting options
  • Product Purchasing
  • End-to-end project management
  • Team Collaboration

What Clients Say About Us

"I have known Kathleen Kaiser-Rifken since 1982. She is a dedicated and professional Interior Designer. I am convinced that Kathleen acts in the best interest of the client and makes sound judgments in design and specification."ā€‹

D. M. AIA, Los Angeles, California

ā€œI know that I have told you, Kathleen, time and again how great a job you have done. Iā€™m not sure you can even realize the magnitude of your accomplishment in getting The House furnished and decorated not only on time, but also at an unbelievable cost. You took the job ... and did exactly what you said you were capable of doing the first day we met.ā€

K. K. , Beverly Hills, California