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Nineteen hundred and eight nine was the formation of Kaiser Rifken Design Group ("KRDG"). We are a unique, professional, creative, multi-award winning interior design firm that specializes in private residential and commercial projects including, multi-unit buildings, models and staging. Our extensive background, education and experience in design, construction and architecture avoids mistakes and allows a project to remain within budget.

Our Mission:

Our KRDG mission is to enhance and often transform each client's environment into a creative, visually pleasing setting where improvement of daily life is experienced. We consult, design and guide our clients through an enjoyable, creative process and offer contemporary interior solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

"I have known Kathleen Kaiser-Rifken since 1982. She is a dedicated and professional Interior Designer. I am convinced that Kathleen acts in the best interest of the client and makes sound judgments in design and specification."​

D. M. AIA, Los Angeles, California

“I know that I have told you, Kathleen, time and again how great a job you have done. I’m not sure you can even realize the magnitude of your accomplishment in getting The House furnished and decorated not only on time, but also at an unbelievable cost. You took the job ... and did exactly what you said you were capable of doing the first day we met.”

K. K. , Beverly Hills, California

Our client's privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will be happy to provide project photographs upon request.