High School Rowing

Information regarding the CSSRAs next weekend.

Bus will load at 4:15 am in the Adam Scott parking lot. Leave at 4:30 am. Bathroom break at Gateway Niagara. Tim Horton's will be the only restaurant open.

Postings: www.cssra.org

How to read which boats move on:

Heats : 3H-1st->F+3 Nxt Fst means – 3 heats, first in each heat moves to the semis plus the next 3 fastest times from all the heat times.

Semi-finals: 2SF-1 to 3->F means – 2 semi-finals and top 3 from each semi go on to the finals.

Peterborough Races for CSSRA


9:42 Adam Scott junior women’s 4

10:03 TAS jr 1x

10:31 St. Pete’s senior men’s 1x

11:34 TAS men’s junior double and Adam Scott

11:48 St. Peter’s Junior men’s double

12:02 Adam Scott senior women’s 4

12:44 TAS 63kg single

1:26 TAS jr w 2x

1:33 St. Peter’s jr w 2x

2:08 TAS sr w 1x

2:29 St Peter’s sr w 1x

3:11 Adam Scott sr m 2x

4:00 St. Peter’s sr m 72 kg 1x

4:07 Adam Scott sr m 72 kg 1x

4:14 TAS sr m 72 kg 1x

4:56 TAS sr w 2x

5:03 TAS jr m 1x – scratched

5:17 Adam Scott jr m 1x - Owen

Saturday Races

9:10 first semi-final for w jr 4

9:45 first semi for w jr 1x

10:27 St. Peter’s 72 kg 2x

10:48 St. Peter’s sr w 4x

11:37 First semi for men’s sr 1x

12:12 First semi for jr m 2x

12:26 First semi for sr w 4

12:40 First semi for sr w 63kg 1x

1:08 First semi for jr w 2x

1:36 First semi for sr w 1x

2:25 First semi for sr m 2x

3:21 First semi for sr m 72kg 1x

4:10 First semi for sr w 2x

4:31 First semi for jr m 1x


Our first possible race would be: 8:42 Women’s junior coxed 4

Last possible race: 1:42 men’s junior single

City Champs - Fun regatta here in Peterborough on Sunday May 27th

Start time: 9 am


May 27th, 2018 Peterborough Race


1st Adam Scott Senior Women 4:48

2nd Adam Scott Junior Women 4:55

Junior Men’s Doubles

1st Adam Scott 4:51

2nd St. Pete’s 5:00

3rd TAS 5:06

Junior Women’s Doubles

1st St. Pete’s 4:41

2nd TAS 4:50

Senior Doubles

1st St. Pete’s senior men 3:41

2nd Mixed double 3:44

3rd TAS senior women 3:49

4th Adam Scott senior men 4:59

5th Adam Scott senior women 5:24


1st St. Pete’s senior men 3:40

2nd Trinity senior men 3:49

3rd St. Pete’s senior women 3:57

4th TAS senior men 4:06

4th tie Don’s senior men 4:06

5th St. Pete’s senior men 4:07

6th Adam Scott senior men 4:11

7th Adam Scott junior men 4:16

8th TAS senior women 4:23

TAS senior women 4:23 tie

9th TAS junior women 5:04

Men’s Pair 3:56

Schedule for City Champs – Sunday May 27th, 2018

Two waves. Boats will move down to the area south of the first set of buoys. The start will

be at the 10km/h sign on the point. Boats will be called up to the start and perform a

standing start. Races will go off in 20 – 30 second intervals or enough time to make sure

the lead boat is not caught before it exits the canal at the rowing club dock. The finish

line will be north of the Trent University sign and south of the Library corner to allow

enough room for boats to turn and return back to the dock without collisions.

The canal will be closed while boats race up. Many boats will be used in the second wave by

other athletes so they can stay on the dock or be put on stretchers down at the dock area.

Once all the boats have raced through in the first wave the canal will be opened and the

second wave boats can move south down the canal. Crews should stay in the area between

the buoys so they can hear when they are being called.

If crews need warm up time they should warm up on the ergs.

Wave 1

Bow # Boat Crew

1 Ellis Don Adam Scott Senior women’s 4+

2 Band Adam Scott Junior women’s 4+

3 Fix Adam Scott Sr. Men’s 2x

4 Dejong St. Pete’s junior men’s 2x

5 Chester Adam Scott junior men’s 2x

6 Binx St. Pete’s junior women’s 2x

7 Horne St. Pete’s Senior’s men’s 1x

8 Private TAS senior women’s 1x

9 1.2 TAS senior women’s 1x

10 McCarthy St. Pete’s senior women’s 1x

Wave 2

Bow # Boat Crew

15 Chester TAS Junior men’s 2x

16 Dejong TAS Junior women’s 2x

17 Binx Adam Scott women’s 2x

18 Kris Training 1x Adam Scott junior men’s 1x

19 McCarthy Adam Scott senior men’s 1x

20 1.2 TAS senior men’s 1x

21 RTP St. Pete’s senior men’s 1x

22 RTP St. Pete’s senior women’s 1x

23 Fix TAS senior women’s 2x

24 D. E. St. Pete’s women’s 2x

Barbeque after with cake for all the crews. Should be completed by 12:00 noon.

Results from Welland

St. Peters:

  • Gold Medal - in senior women's single
  • Bronze Medal in the senior men's 72kg double


  • Bronze Medal in the senior women's 72kg single
  • Bronze Medal in the senior women's double.


Bus leaves TAS at 9 am on Friday May 18th, picks up crews at Adam Scott and then St. Peters.

We will have a short stop for food and bathrooms on the west side of Toronto (Grimsby)

The day will be spent rigging boats and practicing on the course.

We will go to the Welland campus of Niagara College to check in and then the bus will take athletes to the Local Zehrs to food shop. Each room has a microwave and frig. Students need to bring their own eat utensils.

If you are interested in coming as a chaperone please email: Bubba at : bubba_lougheed@kprdsb.ca

Regatta information: South Niagara Invitational

March Break schedule:

  • Optional training at Trent:
  • Sunday March 11th 1 pm - 2:30
  • Monday March 12th - Friday March 16th 8:00 - 9:30

Welcome to the Peterborough high school rowing page. This year Adam Scott, Lakefield College, St. Peter's and TAS will all be racing out of the Peterborough Rowing Club (PRC). If you have questions you can contact your school or email Bubba Lougheed at: bubba_lougheed@kprdsb.ca

For Details on the calendar just click on the event and it will expand.

Legend for Calendar

Aerobic Training days: Oxygen Capacity Training or Aerobic Threshold (Hr 130 – 150 range)

Juniors or those new to training – 20 – 30 minutes of continuous activity

Seniors/trained – 30 to 40 minutes of continuous activity

If you do not have equipment these are good run days. If athletes are new to running 20 minutes will be a long run for them. Students will have to run at their own pace to remain in the target heart rate zone. To do this send them out as a group with everyone having their own timing device. Tell them to run out a given amount of time (ex. 10 minutes) and then to return. This helps to teach them pacing – many athletes will negative split – explain to them this exercise is partly for them to start learning about their body. The goal is consistency – not getting back quicker than you went out.

Weight training days:

The first 2-3 weeks are done as introductory strength weight training. Standard 3 sets of 8 – 10 repetitions for each exercise with 30 seconds off between the sets. To get them to judge the weight – they should just be able to do the 10th rep in a set. If they can do 12 reps in a set they should increase the amount of weight.


Pulley row, Bench Press, Half squat (quads perpendicular to floor), Arm curl, Dead lift (make sure the bend is at the hips so back is parallel to the floor on the start – there should be a slight bend in ankles and knees- there should be no hunch in the back.), Bent over row – the position should be similar to the starting position of the Dead lift, Shoulder press, Lat pull down, V-sit – make sure the athlete has proper posture – bend is at the hip joint not a curve of the lower spine (no u sits).

Weeks 4 - 10

The second phase of weight training is muscular endurance. This is using low weights 30 – 50 % of maximum. In this phase we will use 6 exercises.

Week 1 – 30 repetitions of 1 exercise non-stop. 1 minute rest between exercises. Speed – Fast to medium

Week 2 – 40 reps Week 3– 50 reps

Week 4 – Do two exercises together before a 1-2 minute break – example 50 reps of half squats followed right away by 50 arm curls giving you 100 reps before the break. Pair the rest of the exercises.

Weeks 5 and 6 are the same.

Weeks 7 -10 Perform 4 exercises nonstop or 200 reps together. After a rest interval perform 4 more exercises (Lat pull downs are now out of the mix). 2 minute rest after first group of 4.

Interval Training

The days at Trent will be technical work in the tank and interval pieces on the Erg. Intervals will be 2-4 minute pieces.

Coaching information: