Saad M. Al-Shibli

Short Bio

Saad M. Al-Shibli MBChB, PhD, MRCS completed his Graduation from College of Medicine, Baghdad University in 1985. He got the membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in 2004. He obtaned his PhD in Anatomy from the International Islamic University Malaysia. Currently, he is the chairperson of the Nursing department, College of Medicine; Komar University for Science and Technology. He developed his special interest in Applied Anatomy. He published many articles in indexed journals mainly on the tumorigenic effect of leptin in different types of cancer and other topics.

Academic Philosophy

As a lecturer I do not only focus on teaching science, but also in shaping the personality of an educated and a well trained professional graduate. I accomplish this by connecting with my students on a higher level by engaging them in moral and ethical lessons in and out of the classroom.

I believe that there's great potential in all motivated students, and it is our responsibility as lecturers to allow students to reach their potential by providing a safe environment to grow, learn and experience foreign challenges. This can only be done if the student gains enough trust to express themselves, and that is what I aim to achieve.