Short Bio

Ranjdar Saeed is an assistant lecturer in the department of English at Komar University of Science and Technology where he has been a faculty member since 2016. He received a master degree in English language and literature from Istanbul Aydin University. He is a director of the career development center. From 2016-2019, he has worked as a coordinator in the office of quality assurance and accreditation. Ranjdar is the instructor for different courses on undergraduate subjects in the department of English language.

Last updated: April 2019

Academic Philosophy

  1. I am aware of academic approaches, university systems, and different formative developmental opportunities that may enable students to accomplish their academic and individual objectives.
  2. I personally believe that teaching is a great opportunity to educate and serve student in the highest level inside and outside of the classroom, including but not limited to extracurricular engagement, internships, and volunteerism.
  3. I assign to continuous professional development. I will keep on attempting a variety of professional advancement chances to improve and grow my understanding of the profession.
  4. Student is a center in the education system, we all must focus on student-centered learning
  5. I resolve to grasp, respect and support diversity. I will recognize and respect my students’ personalities and expectations and will strive to tailor my advising to meet the individual needs of every student.