Career development forum

2017 KOEA/KSEA/KASF Young Generation Forum sponsored by Consulate General of Korea in Houston, Sep 9, 2017 (Program)

  • Keynote Speech - The Necessity of Entrepreneurship
    • Youngro Lee, Co-founder/CEO, NextSeed
  • Speakers & Panelists
    • Dr. David Pelton, President of Pelton Communication LLC
    • Dr. Alex Lee, Project Manager, Schlumberger
    • Dr. Namsu Park, Engineering and Geomechanics Lead, Baker Hughes
    • Dr. Youngwoong Lee, Principal Science Expert & Team Lead, Shell Oil Company
    • Jae Woong Choi, Offshore Engineer, Shell Oil Company
    • Kyujin Kim, Director of Software, ColubrisMX
    • Dr. Jung Hwan Kim, Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
    • Dr Nayun Kim, Assistant Professor, University of Texas HSC at Houston
  • News articles

2016 KOEA Career Development Forum sponsored by Consulate General of Korea in Houston and KASF, November 10, 2016

  • Speakers/Presentation titles:
    1. Daniel Kim, Vice President and Chief Naval Architect, PriServe Consulting Inc. / “Comparison of human resource management in Korea and U.S.”
    2. Josh Liew, Ph.D., Manager, Design Quality Assurance Group, Baker Hughes / “Making the best of a crisis”
  • Panel Discussion – How to survive in a challenging market:
    1. Recruiting process / Interview / candidate attributes
    2. How to change challenges into opportunities
    3. Failure vs Success – career development

2015 KOEA Career Development Forum

  • Session A: Mangers’ Secret – “How to land your dream job and get that next promotion”
    1. Performance Evaluation, Why Does It Matter? / Young-Woong Lee, Principal Science Expert & Team Lead, Shell
    2. Sell yourself! / Minsu KIm, R&D Manager, Wood Group Kenny
    3. Fact & Myth of job seeking/ Alex Lee, Sustaining Manager RPS-Electrical, Schlumberger
  • Session B: Panelist Discussion, “My Critical Moment” by Senior Panelists

2014 KOEA Young Professional Forum

  • Great ideas, Powerfully Presented (provided by Performance English LLC)
    1. Packaging Your Message for Diverse Audiences
    2. Delivering with Impact
    3. Dealing with the greatest talent thieves in public speaking: fear, discomfort, worry and stress