Cedar Bluff Middle School Counseling

Mrs. Bridges- 6th grade

Mrs. Morton- 7th grade

Ms. Dorris- 8th grade

6th grade school counselor

7th grade school counselor

8th grade school counselor

Annual College/Career Fair

The annual CBMS College & Career fair will be held on Friday, November 3rd, 2023. Students will have an opportunity to meet with professionals from various career fields and post-secondary schools.

We would love for the career fair to be anchored by our own community and parent base in the Cedar Bluff area. If you would like to participate in the College and Career Fair, please complete the form at the link below and we will send you more information. If you have questions, please email Ms. Dorris at brooke.dorris@knoxschools.org

Career Fair Interest Form

PARENTS: Please click here to participate in our beginning of year Needs Assessment!

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Knox County School Counseling Program is to provide every student with a comprehensive school counseling program centered around an engaging curriculum that encourages the highest level of student achievement and excellence through their growth in academic, career and personal/social domains. In partnership with teachers, administrators, parents and a caring community, the school counselors will help every student to be a successful lifelong learner and problem solver.

Our Vision:

 Knox County students are high-achieving learners who graduate college and career ready, well prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations of the 21st century. All students participate in rigorous curriculum and high-quality opportunities for self-directed personal growth supported by a comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates  strategic partnerships between the school, family and community. As successful life-long learners and productive citizens, each of our students achieves excellence, making a positive difference in our schools and community. 

School Counselors in Knox County believe: